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Unmask Layers Photoshop Elements

Hi there,
I'm fairly new to digi scrapping and still learning Photoshop Elements. One thing I like to do is to add a stroke to a template piece. To do this, I merge the photo and the template layer BUT quite often after I've done that with a whole of template pieces I want to change it. Does anyone know how to unmerge layers ? What I'm currently doing is edit undo repeatedly. There has to be a better way. Thanks in advance.

Once you merge layers together there's no going back. If there's something I think I might want again I either do as save as with the file so I have two files to work from, or I make a duplicate group of the layers before progressing.

Ok, thanks Marisa. That's a good idea.

You can also highlight all the layers you would merge and create a file in layers and name the file ... this allows you to move all the layers at a time but still keeps them separate layers so you can change them as well if you want .. this helps keep your psd trim and easy to use as well