What apps do you use to scrap on your iPad?

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What apps do you use to scrap on your iPad?

I'm considering purchasing my first iPad during the Black Friday sales and was wondering if anyone in the forum scraps on their iPad and what apps you use.

Appreciate your insight:)


Also interested in this! I'm currently on Android but would love an ipad for things like procreate and using the pencil. I use the Project Life app and PicTapGo, which are both in ios. I heard somewhere online that there will be a 'full' version of Photoshop for tablets coming out next year! Which would be very amazing to not be tethered to the desktop lol.

I have tried using both Illustrator and Photoshop on my tablet, and not had a lot of luck with it. If they're making a specific version for tablet, that is good news! Currently it's a bit hard to maneuver.

After doing some research, I think I'll be getting the iPad and the Affinity Designer and/or Affinity Photo apps for it. I'll let everyone know how things go:)

I came to the forum for just this reason! I am currently in the transition from MacBook Pro/PhotoShop to iPadPro and Affinity Photo. I am geriatric, haha, so it has been exhausting just to understand the new iOS. I have iCloud Drive synced and my first template successfully in Affinity, yay me ?.

Now . . . I am a little hesitant to be brave enough to start importing papers and elements. This Thanksgiving weekend has “enabled” my procrastination, haha! With all of the digital store sales I have been busy. Speaking of sales, I am so glad to be back to Pixel Scrapper!!! ???

Affinity Photo seems fairly easy and powerful. There are FB groups for scrapping on the iPad with Affinity and I could not have even made it to this point without them!!! There is certainly a steep learning curve for me, but I am so excited to go mobile. PhotoShop CC has iPad Mobile coming out in a few months so I do not know if I will make the switch then or not.

We can embark on our new adventure together ??

Thanks Sallie! I appreciate this! And, yes, I would love to be "geriatric" together! Ha! Ha!

My iPad will be my first experience using iOS technology. (I've always been a Windows gal:)

Perhaps it will be helpful to others in the forum to watch us fumble along learning our new technology without losing all our hair:)



In FaceBook, search for these groups:
Affinity Photo iPad Only
App Scrappers - Affinity Photo
Affinity Photo - Tutorials

The App Scrappers group is especially amazing! They are so welcoming and sharing.

The very best class for me is from Scrapaneers, it costs $20 and is by Kelly Sills. IT IS AMAZING! Art of the Apps 3.0

I am coming from an iOS background, but the iOS for iPad IS AN ENTIRELY NEW BEAST!!! I could not have got it set up and installed without Kelly's class.

We can conquer this, haha!

Thank you SO MUCH! I signed up for everything:)


The only cure at the moment is a Windows tablet. You can run Photoshop on it. Also have at least 4 gig of memory. The nice thing about a Windows tablet is that you still have a portable tablet, while being able to do so much more than a Android tablet.