Basic Flat Stitching

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thank u

That is amazing. I have been looking for a good tutorial for stitching. Thank you

I always wondered how this was done - thank you for sharing!

This looks so eeeeezy! I've wondered how to do so many designs, without having to take graphic design classes and spend a ton of money, and you have at least taught me one of those techniques! Thank you! smiley

I tried this with Pse 11, but it just doesn't look like yours.... smiley

WOW...why did I believe stitching would go another, much more complicated way? This makes WAY more sense! Thank you!!

I just finished a layout with stitches. Wasn't super happy with it - I just may try this. Thank you

I just wanted to share, a little tip I learned awhile ago, on YouTube. I'm combining it with Marisa's technique. The picture provides a rough sketch, hence the sloppiness smiley

Making my dots on one layer and string on another, I apply a texturizer to the string layer.

I use Burlap (scaling 50% and relief 3), which provides a nice "thread" look. The original method was showing you how to make string as you built your page, it also told you to pick your string color. An overlay of color, would work too. I prefer to use the color replacement tool.

Then I apply a drop shadow to the string layer. (size 5px, distance 3x, opacity 25%). Typically most shadows tend to be black, but if you take a sample color (using the dropper tool), of your background paper and set the color a bit darker, it looks nice too.

Thanks Katherine!

You're welcome... I hope that was okay to add.

Always appreciate updates to these tutorials!

Wow! Didn't know that could be done in two steps! Thanks. smiley

Thanks for this tutorial! I love to use stitches but kits don't always have them.

Thanks for the tut it's really easy to follow

Thank you for this cool tutorial. smiley I love with stitching patterns put didn't had an idea how to get it done in PS.

Thanks Marisa, that's easy enough for me! smiley