Convert a Layout to a Template, video

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Convert a Layout to a Template, video

This tutorial relies mostly on using Photoshop Styles, so if you don't know how to do that, you should watch this tutorial first. I get a little distracted in the middle because the dog started being weird...hopefully you find it helpful.

Oh I am excited to try this video!! Thanks Marisa!!

Thank you for the tip. I will have to try this when I create a layout I like.

Thank you for sharing this technique. Very helpful

I work with PSE, so I don't have all that extra good stuff, but I think with what you showed in the video, I can figure something out that will work. Thanks!

Chickie, your smile is electric. Thank you for the good vibes! xoxox Beth

Looking forward to checking this out! Hopefully I'll be able to translate it into Serif PagePlus X6!

Need to see this video and try to do it in PSP. It would be wonderful to turn your LO in a template.

Why do you want your elements rasterized for a template?

thank you so much for this video

thanks for the tip

helpful video, thanks smiley

When you create a layer in Adobe Photoshop, whether it be a text layer or a custom shape layer, they are vector based layers where the shapes or text are defined by multiple control points. By moving the control points, the shape can be edited. You can't paint a shape layer until it it rasterized. Once the layer is rasterized, it becomes a bitmapped image and is defined by a series of tiny square pixels. when the layer is a "text" or "custom shape" or even a vector brought in from Illustrator or a smart object layer, you will notice that you are able to edit the words or the color of the element by using the text tool or the custom shape tool, or the tool sed to create it. When you rasterize the layer, you can't edit using the text tool or the custom shape tool. because it is now just a regular graphics / bitmap layer like any other, so the only way you can edit it is by using the brush, marquee, move, or selecting the layer and using the layer style option, etc.

Anytime you are creating any element whether it be text or a shape, it is always best to use Illustrator and create it as a vector. Vector images can be scaled as small or large as you want and they always maintain clean sharp and smooth edges. If you notice when you create a shape in PS the bigger it is scaled the more you start to notice pixelation, and this is because PS deals mainly with rasterized images. The rule of thumb is this. You create your shaped and graphics in Illustrator as vectors. Your photos are edited and cleaned up in Photoshop. And then you build your actual document in In Design (i.e., your layout). Illustrator and Photoshop are support applications. Hope this helps!

Marisa this rocks!

where can I find those styles? they look very handy!

Alexandra, wow thanks so much for sharing all this information. Love all the tips. I have a Wacom pen tablet and want to get to using it once I learn more in photoshop - taking a class now. The more I read the more I think I will need to get Illustrator to use it to it's fullest.

In the mean time, please keep sharing!

Thanks Marisa for the great tutorial!


Def need to try this!!! thanks

very good tutorial, thanks.

This tutorial is so massively useful! I don't know how many times I've sat there with a layout I am really happy with, only to realise I started out in "the wrong" end and now can't duplicate it.
I will be using this a lot! Thank you, this rocks!

This is so useful! Thank you. smiley

Well my profile states I us PS but am actually learning to use it. I have been using PSP for years! Your tutorials are going to teach me PS. I think I'll change my profile..... smiley

You make it all look so easy! Thank you!

Thanks Marisa for another great tut!

Thanks to you too Alexandra for all the valuable info you shared!

Before long, everyone will be coming here to learn PS...LOL!
Everything you show us makes it so much easier to use PS...
great job! smiley

Wonderful layout!

I will have to watch this a few times to get it. There are times my mind think literally not visually. Thanks.

thanks so much for this!

Great Tutorial and thanks for sharing!

I will have to learn how to delete like done in the video and how to undo the mask. I got confused but may have to be because I use PSE 11.

Thank you for the tutorial. I am going to try this.

Thank you for the tutorial Marisa!