Convert a Layout to a Template, video

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this!

I'm dying to see this video. Let the boys go to school and home stay calm

I never thought of converting my layouts to a template. Now this gave me an idea. Thanks.

Good method i will have to try that!

Enjoyed this video. You make it look so easy and fast and isn't that what we all need. Thanks Marisa.

Thanks Marisa, I've been asked to turn one of my layouts into a template and this will be very helpful. Didn't realize it would be so easy. I guess the time consuming part is actually creating the layout styles for the colors. Great tutorial.

Awesome tutorial... I learned how to save the layers as png... but still trying to figure out how to make the layers stay in the same play when turned into png...

If the PNG layers keep the 12x12 dimensions (don't trim them), they should appear in the right place when placed on a 12x12 document.

when I import the templates they show in the right place but when I use the script to save the layers they don't save as 12x12

I think I might have figured it out... I had trim layers clicked

It worked! Yeah

This might be a silly question and it may have already been answered elsewhere, in which case I'm sorry, but....

How do you do the opposite of this? I am a hoarder and I have so many layout templates from freebie binges but I haven't figured out how to actually use them. How do you go about replacing the template pieces with elements of your own? Is there a technique to it, or is it just *place new element, delete/hide template element*?

@Shantalina: As far as I know I usually just replace the template layers with real elements. In the case of papers, I do sometimes just clip a paper to the template layer.

Great! Thank you!

This is great. I don't know why I am just now seeing this. I have been working on switching my layouts to templates and this is such an easy way to do it. Now I need to go in and set up a style for it!!

Tanks for tutorial. Exellent

yep I need to try this

Thanks for sharing, but I found it rather difficult to understand for sure because I'm not very good at understanding the English language.

Translated by: Google translator.

Hi Saskia,
Watched the video, have no idea yet how it relates to PSP. Fully realizing that you have to set upt your styles first before you can do what Marisa does in her video, I'm totally failing at popping up anything like the styles window in PSP. If you find out how to do that, enlighten me, pretty pretty please?!
Fijne avond gewenst - doie, Stef

I need tutorials in Spanish smiley smiley


Thanks for the video Marissa! This makes it look so easy. I never thought of using a layer style to do this before.

thank u

Thank you! this is great!

thanks for sharing! very helpful!

Thank you very much for this learning video! smiley

Super tutorial. I use paint shop pro so the process will be a little different but I think I can get enough of a grasp from this to do the same in psp. Thank you

Thank You!!

Super tutorial. Genius using the styles. This will save me a ton of time. Thank you so much.