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Tammy, I have Photoshop Elements 7. From what I'm seeing, most features are still there (like Photoshop), you just have hunt around for them or learn alternative steps/ techniques.

Last week, I was watching a video from Phlearn (they teach photoshop & photography) and it was talking about channels. I know that Levels, has Channels, but he had a preset of options that my version doesn't. I ended up figuring out another way of creating the look I wanted, on a different video.

It's a struggle, but most things can be achieved. I hope that helps a little.

Not really sure this belongs here... but I found a few tutorials I liked and thought " it would be cool if we could heart those too, so we don't have to hunt for them" and where does my eye wander to... the heart button. Yay!!

*update* I'm not seeing them under "hearts", is that option not available yet? Or do you require a specific amount of points to achieve?

Thank you so much for your help smiley

Here in the land of crappy internet (also known as rural America), I prefer having the option of written tutorials. Sometimes, it's easier to explain and understand something in video format but a lot of time, I can't get enough bandwidth to let a video buffer. I prefer to read though the instructions and if I need clarification then try to buffer the video.

It took me 30 minutes last night just to download 5 blog train contributions (one at a time because trying to download simultaneously would have taken hours) and when I checked our connection, we were struggling to maintain 5mbps, a far cry from the type of bandwidth most people expect. The largest contribution I downloaded was only 61mb, which should have only taken a few seconds to download but it took about 5 minutes. And my area isn't the only area of the US with this problem.

Part of my day job is website consultation and design. I always tell my clients that while flashy, multimedia laden sites are pretty, you are cutting off a portion of your potential audience if you don't offer a less bandwidth intensive alternative. Sometimes when you live in an area where bandwidth is not an issue, it's hard to remember that some areas of the US and the world still don't have "high speed broadband" internet.

Just my 10 cents for what it is worth.

I would love to learn how to create using Pixelmator and inkscape. Specifically how to create different elements like lace and pockets templates to use in Junk Journals.

Marisa I've been trying to learn how to work with your paper preview tutorial, but I can't find how to open multiple papers at once. Yes, I'm a PS newbie and trying to learn so I can make the switch from PSP to PS. I found one tutorial online for opening multiple images but that creates it's own layers. Maybe you or someone here could help me with that if you have a few moments please?

@Libby: I think all you need to do is drag your finished papers you want to add to the preview from the folder they are in on your desktop and drop them into the open preview file in Photoshop. Then you just need to adjust the layers to the correct order and clip them to the paper strip in the preview.

Let me know if that makes sense and solves your problem.

Yes, I understand what you're saying. Thank you! smiley I'm going to give that a try...didn't know u could do that, LOL! U can tell I'm definitely a newbie!

Thanks again Marisa, worked like a charm! smiley


Two years ago I requested a tutorial on how to create a text path on a shape, etc. Can someone please help me with this? I'm a visual learner. Thank you in advance.

Lisbeth, do you mean something like having a heart-shaped path and using it to write text in a heart-shape (or whatever shape you want to use)?

Thank you Amanda for responding. I am looking to work with all kinds of shapes. I guess what I hope to accomplish here is learning how to create a path on any shape so just giving me a starting visual point would be very helpful and appreciated. smiley

Well, if you're using Photoshop, then This Tutorial works even as far back as CS2 (the version I'm currently using). Any shape will work as long as you can represent it as a path, though sharp corners may do odd things with your text and require some size/spacing tweaks.

I'll work on a paths tutorial.

Thank you ladies.

Hi. I'm a beginner digital scrapper. I have no clue where to start but I agree a 5 minute video on what you make with an explanation as you craft along would be great. Please don't play loud music in the background. I have tried to watch learning videos but many times I'm put off because the music is too loud. Thanks.

Thank you for the link Amanda Holyoak - that will help me until Melissa creates her tutorial smiley