Make This Element - Fake Doodle Borders

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Make This Element - Fake Doodle Borders

Part 1 of this tutorial is here. Please leave links here to any assets/templates you would like to see behind the scenes.

I came across this method early in my days of digital scrapping and it's quite helpful whenever you want to something to look a little less perfect. Here I'm going to demonstrate it on a line shape, but it works with any shape to give it a little rough up.

First, using the line tool, make a line on a new layer.

With the new line layer selected, go to Filter -> Distort -> Wave.

These are the settings I used on my line. Changing them will alter how much of an effect you'll get.

To make a border, make as many lines (on separate layers) as you want and "wave" them. Then match up the corners.

this tut is great! thank you for taking the time to help the rest of us grow and develop!! your kindness and generosity are abundunt and appreciated smiley

Wonderful tutorial. I was able to make the doodle lines on my own project. Yeah me!!!

Thanks! This will be really useful!

awesome!!! I need to save this... smiley thank you!

Thanks tons for this! This one I will definitely use. smiley

Awesome! I'm looking forward to trying it soon!

This is one thing I really really really wanted to learn how to do. Thank you so much Marisa for teaching us!!!

Wondered how that was done! Thanks!!

So fun! xoxox Beth

Great tutorial, thanks so much smiley

So easy..thanks so much!!

Wow!! Great tutorial. I'm a very basic PSE user and this is a fantastic technique. I have a feeling I'll be using this a lot on my future layouts. Thank you so much!

Thanks for this interesting instruction.

Another fabulous tutorial. Simple but so handy! Thanks so much!

I love doodled borders. Thanks for the tutorial!

I am gonna try this tut,i really hope i can follow with psp,i don't have a clue what ,"wave them" means tho in this tut.

"Wave" is a filter that's available in Photoshop.

Thank you, Marisa. Never thought of using wave on a line. Love the effect.

I little over my head, but I'm learning. Thanks.

Wow! I was so over-complicating that! Thanks for the tut!

This is so much easier than I thought it would be! Thanks!

Neat, I've always just drawn the doodles but this is a faster method. Although I have both CS5 and Elements 11, it is nice that I can achieve this in both programs. smiley Thank you!

Thank you very much! smiley

Very helpful, thanks

WOW, it is so easy to do some of these things, ONCE you learn how to do them!!!
Thanks for the tut!!

Still so much to learn about Photoshop. Now if only I can remember this will be really helpful. Thank you.

smiley this was fun to do.... great tut

wonderful, thanks so much!

Thank you! Did not think it is so easy!

I enjoy the tutorials. Thank you for sharing your creativity. You really are a talent!!!