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Make This Tag

Making this tag is really easy. It mostly uses the "stroke" layer style. Find the original asset here. For great vintage clip art, check out the Graphics Fairy.

Have a tutorial request? Leave it here.

Thank you Marisa. Tag has a lot of layers which makes it very dimensional.

Thank You for the video, it really helps.

Thank you!!

I'm gonna try this asap.

Thank you!

It's pretty easy. Using stroke and clipping mask smiley Thanks for this inspiring tutorial, Marisa.

Love this tutorial. I wonder if you can do this in MDS! I will have to see what I can do.

Awesome thanks!

Super cool tutorial Marisa! Thank you so much!!! smiley

Thanks for the video smiley

Ohhh se ve un diseño muy difícil pero lo explicas tan bien que se hace fácil... gracias.



I've never used a stroke with a clipping mask ... very cool ....TY

Another trick to add to the bag. Thanks

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I am about to try this.

thank u


Gorgeous - thank you!

Love it!

Great tutorial Marisa... gonna try this later today it looks FUN!!! Thanks for writing the tutorial

Thank you for the tutorial. It is very helpful.

Thank you

Wow, thanks! Getting lots of ideas!