Making a Random Scatter

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I always learn IMPORTANT stuff here on pixelscrapper! Thanks Marisa

Thanks for this tip! Depending on the element, you could also define a brush from it and use that with this technique. Melo, thanks for the suggestion. The script is still there, although she doesn't seem to have paid any attention to the blog since 2011, but the link still works. I haven't tried it yet, but we'll see if it still works for CC 2017. From looking at the instructions, I don't think it will work for Elements because it uses groups and Elements can't work with groups. Too late tonight, I'll try the script tomorrow. Marisa, I tried the brush technique. Thank you!

It seems to be so easy!Thank you! smiley

Thank you for all the tutorials, They are extremely helpful

Super! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much I always wondered a easy way to do this and my gosh you have nailed it. I will use this in my next layout.

TY Marisa! This was so helpful! smiley

Thanks for the tutorial and all the great ideas for it in this thread!

Another fun tutorial! You rock PS!

Do you happen to have one on how to create "blended" masks???? I love that look, and have been experimenting. Maybe you have shortcuts?

@Candee: I don't do a lot of blending or use a lot of masks. There's always more to explore!

Thanks for an easy & quick tutorial. This will come in very handy smiley

Awesome! I'm on a steep learning curve with PS at the mo and will post stuff when I've practiced from your useful tutorials! Thanks smiley

I just came across this, love ! I have always wondered how to do it! Looks like I will be doing alot of scattering backgrounds lol!