Making Puffy Paint Glitter Doodles

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So gorgeous and simple same time! Thanks!

I tried it and I just loved it.

This is wonderful, thank you;)

muy buen tutorial

Thanks for sharing! I learned something new. smiley

I love it!! I think I need to get more practice on using different layers and such, and of course get photoshop!! THANK U for the tut!!

Thank you for the tutorial! smiley easy as that???!!! thanks for sharing!

Excellent tutorial. Great effect, thanks for sharing.

Can't wait to try it, thanks! smiley

this is a very helpful tip and tutorial, thank you so much

oh wow, great tutorial

Fantastic. Thanks so much, I have even figured out how to do this one in the PSE12.
You just have to revert back to the original sketch to work on the layer style for bevels and drop shadows.
I love this! Looks amazing.

thanks smiley

Finding that PSE 11 is similar and I can use these Photoshop tutorials with just a little looking for similar clicks. Thanks

Amazing! xxx

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

So easy! Thanks!

This is great. Thanks!

Thanks for the tutorial smiley

This is wonderful! I do want that glitter pack someday?! Someone needs to pay me first and that is going to take awhile. I am learning so much here, thanks!

very Christmas!

Wow, thanks you . Love it !!!!!!

Lots of lightbulbs showing up over my head tonight! Thanks!

What a great idea.

Thanks for the tutorial.

I loved these doodles when I found them in the assets and now I can't wait to attempt my own!

Wow, that looks so simple to do...crossing my fingers and hoping I don't mess up to many times smiley

Great effect! I will certainly be trying this with easter coming up!

I'm going to try this one!