Making Puffy Paint Glitter Doodles

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Great, thank you

This is a great tutorial. Thanks

Thanks so much smiley

thx! i used the glitter paints so often in my paper scrapbooking now i know how to use it in digital!

smiley oh, thank you for this tutorial:)

Thanks! I love knowing how to do it myself.

Thank you!

thank u

As I am gradually working my way through things here, I had a go at this in PSP and although I had to do things differently and the way I know how by drawing and infilling, I'm pleased to say the result was very good, so, thank you for these tuts, it is possible to do them in other programs if you know how your program works, even if the result is not identical but very close to.

Sheila xx

Thank you!


Thanks so much for the post!

Great tutorial! Thank you.

Thank you, this is cool!

My first thought? Awesome, then noticed plenty think the same. Thank you.