Making Rounded Corners

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thanks for the tip Marisa!

This is perfect! Thanks for the tutorial!

Thanks Marisa. These tricks are making my scrapbooks much more fun to create. It is those extra tips, like being able to change the radius that make all the difference in the quality of my pages!

thanks Marisa! It is very useful smiley

Wow! This is so much easier than the way I was trying to do it! Thanks!

Being a photographer too... this is a very needed tutorial .... thanks so much.... I love this site..


Thanks Marisa


thanks for the brush!

Now i know how people make photos with rounded corners. Never knew it was this easy!

Wow, that sounds like a piece of cake. I was wondering how people made rounded corners.

Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

thank u

nice lesson!

Hi Marisa. Any tips for making rounded corners using photoshop elements? thank you

@Phyllis: I think it's pretty similar to Photoshop:

New to the site and want you to know I cannot get enough!!! So many great things to read and see with amazing content!
Thank you!