Making Striped and Plaid Paper, video

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Thank you!)))) I love your tutorials!))))

Thank you! I was wondering how to do that. It doesn't seem too hard.

Can I use this same tutorial to create a gingham pattern?

To make a gingham pattern you'll need to make two squares and place them kitty-corner to each other.

Thanks for the tip Marisa! smiley

Did this one with PSP, just a few different command names but got the same result. Thank you.


Thanks for the tip!

thak you

i can't believe it's that easy! thank you!

Thank you so much Marisa !

Easy peasy, thank you! smiley

I've made my own plaids before, but until now, never used the Mulitply blend mode, which makes it look nicer. Thanks for that tip!

Thanks, Marisa! Robyn, just in case you haven't gotten the answer yet, in Elements you have to select what you want the pattern to be made from. If you want the whole thing, you just do <ctrl/cmd> + a (for all), then the Define Pattern should be available to you. If you only want part of the document, you make a selection and use Define Pattern from Selection. Hope this helps!

I'm going to spend the day designing on the laptop now! Thanks smiley