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Great tip. I was wondering how to do just that.

Thanks for this tutorial. Saves me time coloring smiley

Thank you!))))) Very useful lesson!))))

thank u

thx! great tip!

Thanks for this. All those basic tutorials make scrapbooking so much more fun!

I've been wondering what all the different options meant! Thanks for explaining them, and for the screenshots to let us see exactly what you mean. smiley

Thank you! Now wondering if there's a tutorial on how to do different colors on the same design like the one you have shown? Or would that be done with layers?

great tip. thanks so much

Great thanks smiley

This is a great tip! I, too, have recolored things separately and this will be a great timesaver! Thank you!

Thank you SO much. Since I cannot have my own private tutor looking over my shoulder, this is the next best thing. Thank you. Thank you!

Love all your tutorials
Thank you