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There is not one asset for my question because it is a general one and something I've been trying to do for awhile.

If you have an actual object that you want to make into an asset ... for instance a piece of jewelry or key etc .... do you photograph it or scan it .... 3D objects have me stumped and I have been looking for a way to do it....I've tried scanning and that simply blurs anything that is not actually sitting on the screen even at 600 ppi .... and if I photograph it I end up with a shadow that I can remove but it never looks like it should .... how do you do it?

@Susan: I do both scans and photographs depending on how 3D something is. If you're taking a photography, you just want to make sure the lighting is as ideal as possible to limit shadows.

I would like a tutorial on how to warp shadows, like one piece of paper is curling up from the background if you get a chance pretty please. I just found this site a week or so ago and have been lurking, but what a wonderful resource! Thank you for maintaining this site.

I hope you don't object to linking to an outside source- I found what I was requesting here:

Yes, would love to know how to make this striped ribbon.

thanks a bunch!


@Roxy: I was going to mention this thread to you also, but glad to see you found it already. Maybe Marisa hasn't had time to see it yet or do the specific tutorial but one of the other designers around here may be able to help with the other post now too. smiley

I keep seeing those beautiful colorswatches. What can you do with them? How do you use those in the layouts?

@Myrren: I usually just use the color swatches to plan out color swatches for kits I'm working on. Although, it's an interesting idea to use one on a layout.

Hello Marisa, I was wondering how to get ur doodle art digitized, like here

@Annu: I usually just draw in Illustrator, but I just saw this tutorial, which I haven't tried myself yet. You can also try this one from Brooke.

Thanks Marisa, I'm going to start practicing!

Great tutorials, this group is so great, I am learning so much, thanks everyone.

I have done your tutorial and some others that I've found for making a repeated pattern and I've made a lot of them it is so much fun for me so thank you for showing me the way, I been looking and I have not seen a tutorial for making a more complex pattern or even one with words and shapes together and I really want to learn to do this type of pattern because it appeals to me and I don't want to resort to using an action in Photoshop or a script in PSP to get this type of pattern

I would love a comprehensive beginner's tutorial on making styles. I love all the amazing styles Sheila and others make here, but I feel overwhelmed when it comes to making my own (beyond simple stuff like shadow, bevel, etc.).

I second the explanation on the puffy elements and the tutorial on styles. Styles and me just don't get along; I just can't seem to wrap my head around them yet!

Yes I still would like to see that puffy tutorial. Those elements Melo makes are AWESOME!

I've looked around but haven't found anything for this. I saw this plain bow ribbon that I loved the shape of.. then, I was the same ribbon but this time, coloured and with a pattern on the "right" side of it. So my question is:

How to you get from this:

to this:

Thank you so much for all your tuts and help. We're learning so much here! smiley

@Andrea: That's really fancy! I didn't even realize that was one of my templates. I can only guess how Elif did that, but she probably used blending modes like you do when you recolor something, and she just erased the pattern where she didn't want it.

Thank you Marisa, I'll play around and try to figure out! smiley

I'm wondering if there is a tutorial on how to make an asl file. I learned how to make glitter and now I want to make a set of styles from them ... just don't know how.

@Jaclin: I have a tutorial here. The last step tells you how to save them.

I would love to see a tutorial on how you take a straight ribbon and bend it all around like how you have your ribbon templates, and how to create a bow.

@Karry: Most of my current ribbon templates are just real ribbons that I've scanned. Is there another style you have in mind?

Oh, ha...I thought you bent them all and made them so I've been trying to do the same thing with a straight ribbon in photoshop but it's not looking right. There isn't anything "specific" I'm looking for just wondering how you would do it to make it look the best.

Is there a tutorial on how to create a mask? I have seen some on etsy and would love to try and make some on my own.

@Karry: The only tutorial I currently have is this one about folding a ribbon.

@Tricia: I'll put it on the list.

okay I'm not sure if this is where I need to be to ask, but I've gone through all the tutorials (I think) but I didn't see one for this.
I'd like to duplicate the large photo on this page. Not even sure what to call the technique so I'm really not sure what to google for help. Thanks in advance!

@Kimmie: Are you referring to the grid/color overlay on the large photo?

yes - The photo looks soft and faded too. Did she blend the photo with paper somehow - not sure how to create that effect.

Kimmie - you have Photoshop Elements, right? I think I know how to do this in Photoshop CS but not sure if it'll apply to Elements! Put your grid paper on the bottom layer, and then put the photo in a separate layer on top. Lower the opacity on the photo until you get the desired mix of papers. In PSE 12, I think the opacity setting only appears in the "expert" mode and it's in the layer panel. I've done this before in conjunction with a paper overlay to make this layout.