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Sometimes I'll also layer a color on top of the photo and turn the opacity down or play with the blending for the colored layer.

Thanks I got it - I'm using PSE 7 actually. The opacity level is on the right above the layers list. Just in case anyone else has the same question. Again thanks for the help!

I don't know if this is the right place to request for a video tutorial to be converted to PDF type? I mean one where there are still photos so I can print it out so I don't have to go online and watch the video again on how it is done smiley

It's me again smiley I was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to recolor butterflies, like this one:

Since there are already request for puffy things and styles, I tag on and ask for a tutorial on how to make buttons and different kind of beads. There are none to be found on the net. It would be good to learn more about the layer style function. I know there are already so many pretty buttons and beads here but it would be nice to know how to make something yourself.

Ella, I found a great, easy way to recolor and keep all the details in PSE. I think I got it from Tiffany (arg, can't remember the site right now). I'm new to PSE so I hopefully I'll use the right terms and not from PSP lol.

1. Add a layer over the butterfly (or element).
2. Flood fill the layer with the color you want.
3. Create a clipping mask.
4. Change the blending mode to "Color".

It will be the color you chose, but all the details will come through.

Hope this is of some help.


Thanks Lisa. I'll try this technique smiley

@Nicole: IT's as easy as taking a scribble brush and layer glitter over it. Add a small bevel and your good to go!

Oh my goodness... Thank you. smiley

Hi Marisa.... in Photoshop... once we load a palette... is there a way to open a file and change colors of a png or jpeg to coordinate with the new palette?

@Poodle: I think only manually.

What is the process for making realistic things (ie. crocheted doilies, vintage ornate brads/buttons, or even the realistic flower templates)?? I think I found my answer smiley

I would love to know how you extract your gesso elements. I painted white gesso on black paper and scanned them. But I just can't seem to extract them so that they look like they should.

@Marie: I'm trying to remember what I did. I did like you, painted white on black and then scanned them in. I think I just used the magic wand tool to select all the non-white areas. With paint, I don't worry too much about stray things, since it's messy to begin with.

I have a question and I have looked through all the pages here and haven't seen it requested. How do you get the little string line bump on the flags so that it actually looks like the string runs behind them? Like on the bunting flags in your newest kit. No individual assets uploaded yet but here is the preview of the kit

Thanks in advance for any insight on how to do this!

Never mind ---- just realized each of these have a PSD file that I can edit! Duh!!!

I've gone through the tutorials and can't seem to find an answer to my question. I'm trying to figure out how to recolor multicolor templates such as the Burlap Glitter Butterfly and ps_marisa-lerin_10969_polka-dots-59-paper-template_cu
Can you tell me how I would recolor these types of templates? Thank you.

@Shelley: I don't have a tutorial about that, but it's a good one to know! You'll need to use the dodge and burn tool in Photoshop. I learned from this tutorial, which is a great one!

Great thanks for sharing that tutorial Marisa! I have searched the web several times trying to find a tutorial but only found ones for making the bunting flags, no mention on the string bump. I'll have to play with it a little and see if I can accomplish something similar in PSE.

@Shelley: Just try searching for "dodge and burn" in Elements, that should give you what you need.

@Marisa I found it and it works great, thanks so so so much for directing me to that tutorial. I have been trying to find something for more than 6 months before I thought to come ask here. You're the best Marisa!


I would love to know how you can make a shape to fill with journaling/text. For instance: Elif has a template (in her Journal it series) with a large initial in her journaling, followed by text that is shaped around the initial. I would like to know how to do that in Photoshop.
Thanks in advance, hope you can find the time to answer smiley

I don't have a quick answer to this Lilian, so I'll put it on my list.

That's fine, thanks!

Lilian, it's such a shame my photoshop is in French as I'm not sure how to translate everything but I'll give it a try as it's pretty easy to do (at least using CS6, there were a couple more steps to do the same thing in previous version of CS but it was not too difficult to do) :
- create new layer
- select the shape you want to fill with text using the lasso
- on the right hand pannel, there's a little drop down menu that will allow you to "convert selection to path"
- pick the text tool and type in what you have to write...

Hope this is helpful !

It is! I'm going to try this straight away, thank you for your help!

Glad I could be helpful. Let me know if it works, Lilian.

@Sandrine, It worked! A little different than you said, but maybe that's because I use Photoshop CC. In the drop down menu you have to choose 'Make work path', then you have to create a new layer on top of that and type your text.
Thank you so much for your help!

@Lilian, so glad I could point you to the right direction and happy you managed to make it work !