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Thank you!

Setting up a fan freebie on your facebook page! Can't find a tutorial anywhere, not even on FB, unless I'm just terrible at searching...which is totally possible.

I've looked on-line for an answer to my question but I haven't been able to find I'll try here. I have been working on a series of scrapbook pages using photos I've taken of my grandchildren over the past several years with the ultimate goal of giving a completed digital scrapbook to their parents--I don't want to print the pages out. How do I put all of these pages together and what sort of digital storage device should I save the completed pages on? Do I make a slideshow with them or is there something better? I'd appreciate any suggestions you can give me--thanks!

Depending on the ultimate file size of your flattened and saved final layouts, you could use a flash drive, DVD, or even just email the whole folder as a zipped file, then they can use the files however they'd like, in a digital picture frame or as a slideshow on their computer...

thank you!

@Rachel: You'll have to use a third party service if you want a special page for your freebie. I use Woobox and so far what I need it for has been free.

I did finally find that one. Do you have any tips or tricks in using it? I was trying to use it to set something up, but I couldn't quite get a finished product. I was following a YouTube video I found but the author and myself were not aiming for the same end result so it left me in limbo.

I'll send you the code I'm using, that may help.

I would like to learn how to make a pin look like it is piercing the paper like in this