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Screencast Recordings

A screencast is slightly different than a tutorial, since it's less polished, and often doesn't have sound. It's just a recording of my screen as I work. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!



If you opt into using the HTML5 player on Youtube, you'll be able to play the video at double speed if you'd like (or slower if that's what you prefer).

Would like to have sound always. Much more helpful to watch video and hear the explanation of what you're doing. Sorry I had to miss it. I had to work. Will look forward to the next one. Hope I can join in then! Thanks Marisa!

too cool! so glad it was fun smiley

Very cool! Loved watching and listening to the scalloped edge!

@Julie: There wasn't actually sound. It was a bit weird talking to myself, so I just played music.

if you wanted to make it into a full-blown tutorial, you could record voiceover & add it in smiley of course, that would require time & effort - and some kind of editing software probably smiley

Great tutorial on washi tape. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

This is a very basic question- but how do you take a screenshot? I have a PC with Windows 8 if that makes a difference... thanks!

Krissy, on my PC I take a screen shot by holding down the windows button on the bottom left of the keyboard and the prtSc button just above the backspace key. Your screen will go dark for just a second. You will find your screen shot in the screen shots folder in your pictures folder.

Thanks Toni!

See the work of washi tape is see you doing magic. How many tricks!

Thank you, Marisa. Putting into practice.

Thank you for this. smiley

I love the ease of all your tutorials!

Thank you for this smiley

This was super helpful... thank you very very much!