Trimming An Element

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This is a super tip! smiley I have not thought of it before. lol

gracias por el tutorial

Thats so brilliant, but when I looked under my "style" box now, I can't find the "stray pixel" button that you used smiley any tips or alternatives maybe please? I've NEVER worked from the "style" box before, so this is completely new to me...

@Madelien: You have to make the stray pixel button. If you apply the layer style to a layer and then click on this icon, it will save the style for future use.

Thank you so much Marisa - your like a walking encyclopedia smiley love learning from you

Great tip smiley

You have done such a wonderful job of simplifying something I had been trying to "MacGyver" on my own... with less than stellar results. This is SO helpful, thank you!!! smiley

Appreciate these little video tutorials, keep up the good work!

Great tutorial for getting nice clean elements Thanks

now that's a really cool tip to know, thank you Marisa

Another great tip, thank you xxx

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I feel silly for not knowing this. Such a time saver!

Thanks so much smiley

Thank you so much. I have been creating some freebies for a designer who I CT for and it was always so labor intensive to do this. This will be a big time saver.

thanks, Marisa, not only for the trimming tutorial but for this neat trick on how to make styles. i've always wondered how a style is made.

Thank you so much for this...I have been fighting with trying to clean up stray pixels and I knew there had to be a faster way that what I was doing. smiley

Very helpful! Thanks so much. smiley

Now I have to learn this using PSE smiley I never knew a stroke can be undone after you have erased stray pixels. I will give this a try. Thanks for the tutorial.

thank u

thank u

thank u

This was a great tip, thanks!

Learning slowly but surely, thanks!

Nice. I always just cropped mine. Guess that's the photographer in me.

i never thought of using stroke usually pretty good at not leaving stray pizels but we all goof sometimes! great tip!!

I hope it's okay, Marisa; I'd like to offer another method of trimming (the one I use).

  • First I make sure that I have clean edges (by checking for stray pixels, etc.)
  • Save my PSD file.
  • Once I'm happy with it, in the layers window, I right click the element and choose 'select pixels'.
  • Now that the element is selected, I go to the Select Menu and choose Modify > Expand > set it to 3px
  • Lastly, Go to the Image Menu and choose Crop.
  • Save the cropped element as a PNG.
  • Later, I put it through another round of QC because things can change (like gamut) during file rendering.

For PSP users:

PSP doesn't have a trim feature, but method I use is:

Make sure the element has clean edges first.

Go to Selections>Select all

Go to Selections>Float, then defloat. This will select the outline of your element.

Go to Selctions>Modify>Select selection border. Choose "outside", and around 10 px. This gives you a "border" selection around your element, similar to the stroke feature in PS.

Make a new layer and fill with a bright red or other color that you can see well. (You'll delete this layer so it doesn't matter if the edges are super smooth.)

Go to Image>Canvas size and play around with it until you get an edge that's touching your red border (or close to it) but not cutting off the element itself.

Delete the red border layer before saving.

ETA: This works better than the crop tool because PSP's crop tool has a habit of leaving you with a black border for no reason.

Thanks ladies!

Very helpful tip, thank you!