Using Glitter: .PNG, .PAT, .ASL

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very good tutorial, short and directly to the point and extremely easy to follow, thank you

Thank you so much ! smiley

Thanks for the tutorial, Marisa, I have lots of glitters as part of kits I've downloaded, but I didn't have a clue what to do with them. Now I'm going to play!

Great Tutorial.

Woohooo! I am learning so much! xxx

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you!

I wondered how to use these. Thanks for the great explanation! It's also good to see confirmation that cutting or clipping the 12 x 12 graphic to shapes is an okay way to use them as well. That's what I had planned to do.

Thanks for this tutorial. I'm amongst those who had no idea what to do with glitters so I really needed your guidance!

Thanks so much for this tutorial! I have a few glitter pattern and didn't know how to use them! yippie!

thank u

good tip to know smiley

Thank you, these are very helpful

Great tutorial Marisa - you made it so easy to make glittery photo frames on a layout template! Thank you!

Thanks a lot

I'll be glittering loads of shapes now! Thanks for the tutorial smiley

Today is such a learning day! Thank you for such helpful information.

Pixlr online
will open later versions of photoshop PSD files
as long as they are not too large, I have opeded them up to about 30 mgs.

Thank you, Marisa! I too am a glitter addict and have been very frustrated until now trying to apply them (photoshop newbie) smiley

I love glitter!

Thank you!