Using Gradients With Photos

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Using Gradients With Photos

Here are some techniques for making papers like these which use a photo and a gradient.

See here for beginner gradient tips. In this tutorial I will use this texture.

On a new layer make your gradient.

Now bring in your photo/texture layer above the gradient and change the blending option. I've set mine to "soft light" and left the opacity at 100%.

Different photos may need different blending options, or even a combination which you can do by duplicating the texture layer and applying a different blending option.


will have to try this soon. thanks for the tutorial.

beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial!

Love those, thanks Marisa! smiley

wow this is beautiful! thanks for your tutorial!

Thank you I am working on a Corel Pant Shop hope I can follow this. LOL Going to give it a try. I love the outcome you made. Thank you..Thank you..Thank you

thank you, i was looking for that smiley

I've put gradients on top of photos before, but I didn't think of reversing the order and blending the photo down into the gradient. Cool! Thank you!

Also, thanks for the link to the texture pack. I don't know how I missed this one before! Great textures!

Thank you,I love this tuto! smiley smiley