Using Inner Shadow Style to Make a Cutout

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Holey Moley..... best tutorial on this I've seen. Thanks much!

LOVE this! It was fun!!

Thanks for all the info

I liked that effect, and it's pretty easy

This is way better than actually cutting holes on the paper. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

Thank you for the tutorial. Very useful.

This is very useful. Thank you!

Awesome tutorial. Thank you!

Thanks Marisa

Thanks! I was trying to remember how to do that!

Love this effect.Thank you soooo much!

This tutorial has been so helpful! I tried following another tut on a different site... couldn't do it. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

I love your tutorials because they are explained well and to the point without a lot of added chit chat. Thank you for sharing.

This was soooooooo helpful. Thanks so much!

Thanks, Marisa. For all that I've been using Photoshop for years, even doing some scrapping, I hadn't tried this yet. The two newest ones in my gallery use it, though. I appreciate the addition to my arsenal of techniques. smiley

Marisa, sorry but I'm having trouble with your tutorial above smiley I opened up two papers and this is the part where it goes wrong - On this new layer I'm going to make a circle using the custom shape tool - HOW ?? Can you please help ??

Great tutorial Marisa!

i didn't know that was so easy! thanks

WOW, Photographer can't say its so difficult. Make easier and reduce their task.

This tutorial is fantastic, thanks for sharing smiley always wondered how this works smiley

yay, happy to find out how to do this:)

thank u