Using Stroke Path to Make A Dotted Border

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Awesome, thank you!

I downloaded Ps CS2 (an old version) and have spent almost an hour on this tut. I'm stuck at the very last part:

Unhighlight the path layer before navigating back to the layers panel. Turn off the shape layer and you have your border!

How do you unhighlight the path layer?


ETA: Okay, I had to do another step. Besides adding a layer, had to go to the Path tab, add yet another layer, THEN add the "map work path from selection." Then delete the work path layer.

I did see the "path" in the shape tool, but can't get it to work either. Was hoping that'd be easier! smiley

good to know

thank u

I need to learn more about what you can do with brushes. Thanks for sharing!

i knew there had to be an easier way to do that!! thank you soooo much!!

genius! thank you