Using Text Path Tools, video

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Using Text Path Tools, video

In this tutorial I will show you how to type in a shape, and around a shape. Video at the end.

To being I've made a circle and selected it with the magic wand.

Navigate to the Paths panel (Window -> Paths) and click on the small icon on the bottom which will create your work path.

To type in the circle, make sure your new work path is selected and with the type tool hover over the circle. You'll see the cursor change.

Click anywhere in the circle and a text box will be made in the shape of your path.

To type around the circle, with the type tool selected, hover over the work path line. You will see a different cursor than we used to type in the circle. Click on the line and you'll be able to type around the shape.

To move the text around the circle, use the Path Selection tool. When you hover over the text little arrows will appear and you can use these to drag the text around the circle and inside the circle.

To get a little space between the shape and the text, using the Character Panel adjust the baseline shift until the text is where you want it to be.

Thank you for this tutorial! I can never remember how to do this and always waste time searching for how to do AGAIN. Which I realise is dumb, I could just have bookmarked things *facepalm* I don't know why my brain can't get round the paths thing!! ><

It's great to have this all in one place. Thanks!

Thanks for the great tutorial.

Lol I can bookmark to never find the bookmark when I want it lol! I usually just look things up again...I agree I always forget how to do this do because I dont use it often enough. So thank you Marisa for the tutorial! I actually had to look this one up recently!

Thank you Marisa! I didn't know how to do this and I can hardly wait to give it a whirl!!

Great tutorial! TY

Super tutorial, I too forget how to do this, I don't use it often enough I guess.

I also forget how to do this and had to stop during the tutorial to figure out a few things smiley

Thank you so much. This is great!

Hi Thank you for sharing video on circles, circles are are one of my favorite things It will be something i will use often
Thank you
Christine Harrison