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I never knew you could load more custom shapes! Awesome!

Now that is where I can see other custom shapes smiley Thanks for sharing.

@Marisa, what is a good site for downloading more shapes to add to the custom shape tool?

I like this one and this one.

Thanks, Marisa. I'll definetly bookmark those.

thank you.

Thank you so much. This is so helpful. smiley

Thank you smiley !

thank u

Thank you very much for this good tutorial. smiley smiley

AWESOME! I never thought about it, but, I bet I can make some wonderful masks using that shape tool!

This is great! Is there a way to download it?

@Sharron: We don't currently have a way to download tutorials.

When I load a shame,I make a new layer to colorise my shape.Thank you for this tip. smiley smiley

Awesome, so much one could create with just the shapes! smiley

Sharron.... just highlight Marisa's tutorial and "paste" it to a word document and "save". I've been doing this whenever I see tutorials anywhere online and putting them in a 3-ring binder as a quick (tangible) reference source.

Marisa... you mentioned in the original post that shapes could be used as clipping masks, as well. How is that done? I have SO much to learn!

Also, on your post #35 (above) you put links to two websites, but they are both taking me to the same website: Shapes4FREE. Is there a second website you meant to link to?

And thank you so much for this website, the tutorials, and everything. I wake up each morning and THIS is where I come before checking emails or facebook! I love this site, and the people here, so much!

Clipping mask tutorial here.