Using the "Stroke Path" Method To Make A Stitched Effect

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Using the "Stroke Path" Method To Make A Stitched Effect

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a stitch shape and repeat it around a shape for a stitched look.

On a new layer, use the rounded rectangle tool to make a small stitch shape. I'm using a radius of 10.

With your new shape layer selected, go to Edit -> Define Brush Preset and set your new shape as a brush.

On a new layer make the shape you want to "stitch" and select it with the magic wand.

Make a new layer and make sure it is selected.

Go to the Paths panel and click on the "make work path from selection" button at the bottom.

Select the brush we created earlier and open the Brush Panel. Set the spacing to whatever looks good for you for your stitching.

On the "Shape Dynamics" menu, set the Angle Jitter control to "direction". This will make your stitches follow each other around the shape.

Now that the brush settings are set, right click on your shape path and choose "stroke path". Choose the brush option.


Thank you for sharing this. I have been wanting to do this without using a purchased action smiley

this is great! thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Marisa, for the two wonderful stroke path tuts you have recently shared with us. I would love to know how to make text paths but just can't seem to do this. I realize you may be busy what with everyone you do already, but is this something you can create a tut for? Most thankful for your generosity and all.

FYI, I asked a different designer from Lily Pad to help me with this almost a year ago and have not heard from her yet. smiley

Awesome!! I'm pretty new here and in the scrapbook world. I'm trying to learn as much as I can to start doing my arts smiley

Ps: sorry about my bad english... still learning! hahaha

@Lisbeth: I'll see what I can do!

Wow, this as something I wanted to do and didn't know how, so thank you smiley

Cool, I've just learned this myself from a tutorial online, but this is a good one too, thanks!