Using Watercolor Styles

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Using Watercolor Styles

This tutorial specifically shows you how to use my watercolor styles - but you might find the info helpful for other styles too.

Find my watercolor styles here and here.

This tutorial is shown using Photoshop CC 2017.

Open any shape or text with a transparent background.

In the layers panel - select the layer you want to be watercolor.

Then in the styles panel - click on one of the watercolor styles.

If the size and look isn’t what you want…

For more options - open the layers style window by
• double-clicking on the “fx” on the layer in the layers panel

• from the top - click Layer > Layer Style > Pattern Overlay

Make sure “pattern overlay” is selected in the window

Also make sure “link with layer” is NOT checked

With the layer style window open:
• You can change the look of the watercolor.
- while using the move tool, you can now click and drag to move the watercolor look around

• You can change the scale of the watercolor.
- in the layer style window - below the pattern thumbnail, you will see a scale slider. Click on the arrow on the slider and slide to make the watercolor larger or smaller to get the look you want.

Now that you have your watercolor looking the way you want - you now want to go back and “check” the “link with layer” option in the layer styles window - so that if you move the shape around on your layout - it holds the look you wanted.

I hope this helps you create fun watercolors!

Thank you so much!!

Love your water color styles!

Thanks for the great tut!

Thanks Brooke, love your watercolor styles.

awww so fun

Thank you so much. this tutorial was very helpful. smiley