Wicked Part 1 Q#2: Themes

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Wicked Part 1 Q#2: Themes

Several serious themes have already been raised in this first part: poverty, adultery, unwanted children, racism, to name a few.

What themes have you noticed?
Has the fantastical setting affected your ideas about any of these themes?
What has made you the most uncomfortable?

I hate the way they treat the baby. Scared of her because she's different. Sadly, this is too true in RL too.

I agree. It's hard to read, especially because I can't really say how I would react in a similar situation. I'd like to think I'm made of sterner stuff, but the discomfort definitely comes from the unknown of being untested and not really knowing how I'll react in a hard situation. I guess that's one benefit of reading difficult books, is that hopefully it will help prepare your brain to deal with difficult situations. A small training program.

Yes - this first part displays many of mankinds worst traits. I think sometimes seeing such things in a fantasy setting makes them stand out more - like taking a fresh look at a problem. Sometimes, the author is perhaps more free to shock and highlight the extremes of such behaviour.

All of the issues are uncomfortable but the attitude to the child is the worst for me. The idea of wanting to kill it because it is physically different, the unwillingness to form a bond with the child, the idea that being different means the child is unintelligent. I have a goddaughter with a genetic disorder (somewhat like cerebral palsy) so I have some experience of people's ignorance and prejudice towards the disabled and it always gets me riled! (I'd answer this differently for section 2 as Elphaba grows.)

I agree Marisa, reading broadens the mind and makes you question your beliefs and thoughts on many issues and helps prepare you for situations you might encounter in life - hopefully not giving birth in a mechanical clock LOL

Dawn, you have put it perfectly! I completely agree.

I completely agree with you all on not treating a child that is different badly. I think it is mostly due to ignorance that people do so. They fear that which they do not understand or try to ignore a problem until it goes away.
However, the worst part for me personally was the blase attitude toward adultery and not knowing who you are sleeping with... that was a bit weird for me!!
Furthermore, the theme of substance abuse to help you overcome any sense of reality is also prevalent...

It was rather a heavy start.

Absolutely Bianca and it made me look at the title in a different light! I had assumed "Wicked" just reffered to the "wicked" witch of the west but now I wonder if we are just going to explore "wicked" in all its forms!?

When reading Part 1 I would not say that I was uncomfortable with any of the themes but I did develop a serious dislike for all of the characters involved. Perhaps the fantastic setting reminded me that it wasn't a real place and the characters weren't real.

You must be right, Dawn. That's a different way to look at it. I think during the second part, this becomes more clear.

Sadly, the "wicked" witch really is not bad and wants fairness and equality, she seems to be thrust into awful situations, she is merely a slave of 'wicked' situations...