16 Year Olds, Cars, Graduating High School & Proud Mama Moments

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16 Year Olds, Cars, Graduating High School & Proud Mama Moments

Our day was SO BUSY yesterday! Last month, we were just scheduled to head to my oldest son's high school graduation (about an hour and a half away) - he does not live with us. He lives in a group home and has thrived very well in that environment (versus the traditional public school system).

A few weeks ago, however, I was informed that my 16 year was selected (out of a pool of 8 students) to represent her high school at a drawing for a free car in our school district (of 16 high schools). So, yesterday morning, we went to that before heading out to the graduation.

And.she.WON!!! A brand new car! WOW! I mean, it wasn't like we were really expecting her to win...that is just not the kind of luck we have. She is a great kid and does deserve it, though! Active in extra-curricular activities, good grades, perfect attendance, not a problem child at all!


And.he.GRADUATED. Along with our "inherited" other kiddo there, Dusty!

I am one PROUD but TIRED mama! smiley

Wow, so cool! Congratulations for the three of them smiley

Oh my goodness. Congrats!

Wonderful! I know how it feels to see them honored when they work so hard!

Well, at least I knocked Paxtyn's layouts out the way! LOL! Thanks, all!

That´s crazy! smiley Congrats, you should be happy smiley

Congrats! That's so cool and exciting! smiley

How awesome for all three of them. Your daughter has got to be crazy excited about winning a car, wow awesome!!
And your boy ("adopted" also) should both be proud of such a major accomplishment!
Way to go happy, tired and proud momma smiley

Winning that car is so cool! What a story to tell for years to come!

& Congrats to your son! I hope he is as proud of himself as you are of him! If I remember correctly, he was struggling in school for a time, yes? If so, that much surely make his victory all the sweeter. Have fun scrapping all those awesome moments smiley

Yes, ma'am...he has always struggled with school. And now, he's going to college...at least to pursue an Associate's Degree for animation/gaming (he LOVES Minecraft)! smiley

Congrats to you and your family Christina!

How awesome is that? Congrats to your daughter and your son! I know you are one proud mommy! smiley