A lot of kits stolen from here..

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A lot of kits stolen from here..

I just had to share what I have found with everyone here. My name is Megan aka Meg Scott Studio aka Made by Me Inspirations and I run The Digi Express Blog train and for months we have been fighting the good fight to have kits removed from torrent sites. So far we have discovered it is mostly from one person - xHasterx - who seems to be taking our freebies and yours as well and sharing them on multiple sites. I have managed to get him banned from one site and to have another site remove over 3000 of his files.

I am writing to everyone else when I find their work posted on these sites. If you are interested in having your free products removed from a hacker/torrent site, I can help you with written DMCA for you to use.

Here is what I have found with your designer works:

deleted to prevent "promotion" of these types of websites

And there is so much more.

I am sorry that your work is being torrented and I am doing my best to get this guy banned from doing this so he can learn that stealing is not good. I am just hoping others will join with me in this fight.


Thanks for notifying us Megan. However, we don't like to share direct links or names to these types of sites here, because it promotes people going there to be tempted to download in the future. It also gives free advertisement to their illegal site. And in no way do we want to promote this type of behavior.

Please read Here Marisa's thorough post addressing this issue about three months ago as a couple other sites were found to be doing the same thing by other members.

Here is another post where Jordan words it much better than I can as to why we don't leave these links up. smiley Also, the second post in this thread has a copy of the DCMA that Kiana shared with us.

If any of our designer's here have a concern after reading what Marisa wrote, then by all means please feel free to contact Megan through the contact link under her name to the left. She can find out if your kits are being shared and give you the information to report it to the website as being shared illegally.

Thanks for your understanding on how we like to handle this here at PS and good luck in your endeavors to keep your kits yours!

You can delete this post if you would like I responded on their other post.

Megan: I don't want to delete your post. I think it's good you are willing to let us know it's happening. I just didn't want to promote them by leaving the direct links up. smiley

I think this post is good to remind people just not to post direct links but that people like you can come here and let us know they've found one and designers can contact you directly to see if theirs have been pirated. Thanks Again!

You got it. smiley

Absolutely, anything you can think of where I might be of some help.
I just want to say this is awful and ruins things for everybody else.

Some people...I do not understand.

don't get these people, sad

I just don't understand why anyone would steal a free download to put on another site. If they want to share the freebies they find they can make a blog and tell everyone where they can find the freebies. That way they wouldn't be doing anything wrong and they would still get to share the information. I just don't get it.

I can't explain their thought process but its not just free downloads, it happens with kits that are purchased as well. It's all over the place and you can only fight it so much before it gets tiresome.

OMG this is terrible news and so very sad smiley

Hello ladies,

Since it´s an old topic (it´s from a month before) and we trust that 99,99% of you, dear pixel scrapper members, don´t agree with digital steal/piracy, but it can be tempting to the 0,01% of the others, and, as the site policy, as exposed on the first link Shawna mentioned (but I´ll quote it again "A note about Piracy", by Marisa Lerin) is that

Lastly, remember that any publicity is good publicity, especially on the internet. Any time we post links to pirate sites and make a big to-do about it, we are giving these bad sites a kind of victory. You know how we have a link drive here at Pixel Scrapper to help with our search results? We don't want to run a link drive for a site which none of us really like. If you really feel that a particular case of unethical distribution needs to be brought to someone’s attention, it's best to use email and inform the person directly. On the whole, though, I would recommend staying focused on the positive ways your items are being used, rather than being caught up in the negative.

I´ll lock this topic. We DO understand your indignation and how sorry you are because there are people who behave like that, but, if you have any constructive thought on how to stop piracy, please do comment in other topic, or if you found pirated kits please tell the designer directly though e-mail and/or private message.

Thanks for understanding!

(PS: This topic will be achived in a week or so!)

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