A small favor to ask, please

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A small favor to ask, please

My cat Harlee is coming out of remission and I'm devastated. smiley He was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma in early 2013. He went through chemo treatments from March 2013 through September 2013 when he was given a clean bill of health and was in remission. He remained in remission for a year.

About 2 weeks ago, he had his every 3 month ultrasound and they saw his intestinal wall thickening again which to them means a recurrence. Today he received a modified form of chemo which is not as aggressive as his last round. For animals, they do not treat aggressively as they do in humans and their goal is quality of life and hopefully prolong their lives as long as possible. He's a young cat, only about 3 years old but no more than 4. He was rescued outside of the nursing home my mom was in three months before she passed in August 2012. He has become my priority since her passing and I've spoiled him to the max. I'd be lost without him. If you'd like to read my about me when I first joined PS, he is the one who got me into Photoshop and digital scrapping.

My favor is, would you who pray, please send up some prayers for him or some good thoughts and/or vibes? I do believe in the power of intercessory prayer and anyone who sends up some good thoughts. Thank you so much!! smiley

This is a photo of Harlee that is in my gallery.

Oh Mr Harlee! What a beautiful thing you are... Sending my own version of a prayer & healing X

Oh my gosh poor Harlee! Hope both of you will be strong, you´re still on my toughts.

Thank you both so very much. My little boy thanks you too. smiley I appreciate it.

Judy, I am thinking of you and your beautiful Harlee at this time, and sending my prayers and love to you both.

Robyn, thank you kindly. Prayers and thoughts going up is what we need. I hope you and your fur babies are doing well. smiley

Sorry Harley is going through this at such a young age. I hope for the best for Harlee. smiley

Thank you Shawna, yes, he is too young to go through something like this. This is mainly a disease of mostly elderly cats which just baffles my brain. Young children go through these things too and I always question why.

Sending good thoughts for your kitty! We recently rescued a orphan kitten that required bottle feeding and he has earned a spot in the family very quick. So I understand. smiley

Thank you Nicole. You must have been posting when I was because I didn't see your reply until the notification came up. Good for you rescuing such a wee one and I wish you well with your new little baby. You will grow very close when you have to take care of them like that.

Thoughts and prayers for you and your kitty Judy! I know how special our pets are.

Beatrice, thanks a million. I so appreciate your prayers and thoughts. He is my special little man. smiley

I caught myself thinking of you and your kitty several times today Judy. I´m helping some kitties to go through spray and neuter this week, and I couldn´t stop thinking on you - Be strong!

Awww Lorien smiley thank you again. You are sweet!! Good luck with the kitties this week. That is a beautiful service you do for those kitties. smiley

I don't normally pray, but as a kitty owner (and one whose kitty just had kitties of her own!) I will say a prayer for you and your precious Harlee. What a beautiful and majestic looking cat he is! smiley

Thank you, thank you Tango. So sweet of you to send up a prayer for him. My little man and I wish you all the best with your new little kitties and your mama kitty. smiley

Sending all my prayers and good thoughts to you and your Harlee.

OMG of course I would be praying for your Harlee!

Thank you Wenjoy and Daniela so very much!! It means so much to me to have your prayers sent for Harlee. smiley

Sending prayers and good thoughts smiley

Thank you very much Dana. smiley I am always amazed at the generosity of this community. Harlee is screaming at us right now to take him out for his walk. He's doing fairly well on this chemo and I hope it stays that way but most of all I'm hoping it works to his advantage. I'll post a photo of him walking on his leash.

Harlee taking a dust bath outside. smiley

Harlee posing with deer.

Harlee laying on outside air conditioner.

He loves to be outside but he's not allowed on his own so it's take him for a walk every night. Anything to make his life happy!!! He's my smiley

Awe, he is too cute!

Awwwwww, glad to know he´s doing well smiley Now would you mind sharing some tips on how you made him walk on the leash? Luke loves to go outside, he runs to the front of my house every time I open the door and I also don´t allow any of them to go without supervision, and I have been trying to convice him to walk on a leash but he gets struck every time I put the chest collar (or however they´re called in English). We are starting spring here and it would be lovely if I could walk him.

Glad to see your kitty is getting better

Thank you beautiful ladies!!! I won't know if he is getting better until they do an ultrasound in about 2 months. He does enjoy his walks though. He gives me a hard time for food but I'm persistent with him.

@Nicole, I hope your new little baby is doing well too.

@Lorien, I don't know if there is a good way to get them used to the leash and the harness (as we call it over here). I'm not sure where you are from but I hope you have a lovely spring!! With Harlee, he was a cat rescued from the outdoors so he loves being outside. The first time we used a harness and leash, it didn't go very well but I guess he decided if that was the only way he gets to go outside, then so be it. lol He does very well on it now. I would say go slowly and try to get your kitty used to it a little at a time. Try it first in the house and then eventually with it outdoors. I had a cat once who wouldn't walk on it but eventually she got used to it too. Try bringing treats with you even if he doesn't walk and just lays or sits. Bring toys that he likes and he may find it less stressful. Good luck with it and let me know how he does. I wish you well and once he gets used to it, be prepared to be tortured to go outside. lol

Thanks again ladies!!! smiley

I've always heard it was something they just have to get used to... I've seen a lot of people with cats on leashes, and that's what they always say. It's like poppy training a toddler.

Yes, he is doing good. I am surprised he has grown into such a healthy kitten with the poor shape he was in. This week we are looking into getting his shots and getting him fixed, so maybe he'll slow down enough for me to snap some pictures of him to share!

Sending you our prayers and best wishes

Judy, I'm so glad to hear that Harlee is doing well so far and pray that he continues to do well. I don't know what I'd do without my cats. They are as much my children as my son. smiley and prayers for you and Harlee.

@Nicole, with love and caring, they do thrive and I would love to see photos of your furry baby.

Thank you so much Jen!!

@Pauline, I think in my case, I don't have any children, so he is my baby. I totally agree with you there except you have the extended portion of a real live child and he looks lovely in your photo.

I do believe that furry kids are so part of a family. There is nothing better than unconditional love and all they ask for in return is love, caring, attention and more love. They become such a part of us. Thank you for your prayers and love. God bless you and your family too.

BTW, I downloaded your portion of "At the Fair" and it is gorgeous!!! Thanks for that too. I know I have used some of your elements in my layouts in the past. Great job and thanks with all my smiley

Awww sending prayers your way for Harlee, he is a beautiful kitty x