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Retired, so each day is about the same, especially when it's cold and snowy ... I tend to hibernate in the winter.

We always have a nice family dinner on Sundays, and watch a movie together..or have a game night...we might go somewhere with the kids and do something fun too. It really depends on if it is during the school year or not.

"Pastel de feira" is the best thing ever! I miss it and I have no idea how to make one, I read the recipes but I don't venture for doing deep fry myself, I am too terrible at the kitchen LOL. Do the Benedito Calixto and MASP antique street fairs still exist, it was one of my favorite things to do on weekends when I still lived in Sao Paulo.

Sunday for me is about the only day of the week I can sleep in, so that is what I basically do smiley Later we watch a movie with the girls or play video games.

@Daniela: Doing a pastel de feira is very easy, my grandmother used to make for us when we were young. You just need some practice to close it properly or it will open and the things that go inside will blow up in the oil - OMGosh, my worst sentence in English in 2 years of PS Forum, lol.

Yes, the antique fairs are still there. Sometimes, close to Benedito Calisto there´s something called "Mercado pop" now that have... well, lots of cool pop art/geek stuff. For what you said in your bucket list you´d be amazed how São Paulo had become a geek city in the last few years...

Sunday Funday! we take our son to Hockey, go to the flea markets, have lunch there and rug up for the rink in the afternoon

I usually spend my Sundays either taking the kids some where like the park or my Moms (Step Moms) to play with my sisters kids who my Mom always has. Or if they are all about and gone or just being bad I sit my lazy but in front of the tv and watch a movie with my youngest or I get on computer but not usually when the kids are home I try to limit my time online to week days while they are in school

I love Sundays. They are relaxing and rejuvenating. I go to church, rest, and spend time with my family. I try really hard not to get caught up on anything that I would do on "regular" days, so Sunday is truly refreshing.

Our church offers two services and the casual service I like best is early in the morning but I like my sleep which leaves me in a conundrum. Usually I lay out my clothes the night before so I can get ready faster. Then when my alarm gets off I just have to convince my dog it really is time to get out of bed and take her outside before getting ready in about 20 minutes. Then my mom and I leave for church where me meet friends in the coffee corner for a few minutes of snacks and socialization before the service starts. My older sister usually comes in at the last minute. Afterwards is Sunday school. Depending on whether or not a different message is being preached in the later traditional service we'll either stay so we can spend time at church with my dad who sings in the second service's choir or we'll head home and get an afternoon nap. Then I have to finish up any homework for school since the due date to upload for my online courses is always 11:59 p.m. on Sunday night. If I'm lucky I'll have time for some sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking or other crafts.

Church at 9 in the morning (so glad we are moving to 11:30 in January, as I work Saturdays). A nice 3 hour nap usually happens here. My hubby and I usually go eat at my mom and dad's. Scrabble, Uno, or Scattergories usually happen during dessert.

Sundays are typically me doing nothing exciting at all. I basically goof off online, watch TV/movies, and scrap. My son and his girlfriend usually take the dogs down to my sister's so my nephew can play with them and, depending on the weather, go for a ride on the cart or sled.

Typically we go to 8:00 Mass, then wait in the parish hall until Thing 1 gets done with her Sunday Morning Religious Ed. We then head to Sam's Club and grab something to eat in their cafe and talk about who we saw at Mass, what we learned at Mass and Religious Ed, and generally just catch up with each other as a family. We always find someone we know and visit with them. Then we do a bit of shopping and "window" shopping in Sam's. We head home and hang out for the rest of the day - cooking, watching TV, planning for the next week. We try to keep the day focused on God and family.

I usually wake up at 8:00 o'clock and have breakfast with my family. Then my parents go to the church, I stay at home with my sisters and tidy up our room. After that I sit in front of the computer and start searching for elements, papers etc. to create a layout and I start to scrap smiley and I check my twitter, blog and some web sites.
At 13:00 o'clock I have lunch with my family and I watch some tv or I go to study in my room. Sometimes I hang out or go for a walk, just to do something different. But I always end up doing the same things lol
And after had dinner I watch a movie or I go to sleep early because I have to go to school the next day smiley

We use Sunday to take our daughter to the zoo or museums, or to go for walks in the park. Otherwise I work on graphics for tagging or making kits while hubby plays our little one.

We really don't do allot of sundays, my hubby works long hours so Sunday is our lazy day. We usually get up I make breakfast for everyone, read through the paper, sometimes do some scrapbooking, then we play with the kids, legos, outside play etc I usually also cook a special dinner on sunday

Every Sunday is different. We both have family close..about an hour drive away and we sometimes go visit them. If the weather's nice we may go to a flea market. Some Sunday's we are just lazy and stay at home and spoil the dogs.

We have morning and evening service and a lazy afternoon at home in between.

Sundays are for sleeping in and spending time with my family.

doing much of nothing around the house

Usually church, groceries, and nap! Haha

Sleep in, rush around trying to get my self and baby ready for church, husband complains that I'm taking to long, church, then we go to his grandma's for dinner, and get forced to watch whatever sporting even is on that time of year. Right now I'm stuck with both football and baseball going on at the same time. Ick!

Sundays are lazy days here in our house, normally consists on binge watching netflix, reading or scrapbooking for me. My son is normally glued to his PS3 or netflix. We have our family lunch and make sure school uniform is all ready for the week ahead.

My days usually blur together lol. I'm on SSI, so I tend to do the same thing every day...weekends I tend to clean a lot lol.

From Friday through Sunday I do my best to try and work on art if I'm feeling up to it. If I'm not up to that, I catch up watching all the stuff on the DVR while playing on Wizard 101.

every Sunday is different... visits, visits to us, to be somewhere around, make the necessary purchases, to create in му workshop, learn something new, to be with family...

I am the sports nut in the family so my sundays are spent with football & nascar, I do all the laundry on sundays so while folding I watch sports

Sunday mornings are for church. In the afternoon, it is any lazy thing we feel like that day - reading, scrapping, watching television or movies. Then we often have a prayer group in the evening, though not every single week, that has been going on since 1985. Definitely NOT a housework day.

Sundays are either football, lazy or family days. Depending on the season.

Sunday's used to be about God and family for me. That has changed since getting married.
I'm still serving the Lord but I haven't set foot in a church since my oldest was a baby. (Not by choice)
I miss our old family traditions: church, breakfast or brunch with family either cooked at home or out to eat on occasion,
and visiting my grandparents.
Our current circumstances puts a damper on some of that. And sadly most of my grandparents have passed away.
Those that are still alive are 700+ miles away. smiley

My Sunday is a busy one as I teach Sunday School for children. I partner with another person, and she does the lesson first, and then I teach the craft that will reinforce the story line. I spend the prior few days selecting a craft, then putting the supplies together. Then after church is over at noon, my husband and I wash the church coffee cups and clean the kitchen, before we head home. I also make up the weekly church program with the schedule, songs, and related bible verses. It keeps me busy. My sisters ask me what do I do with myself, now that I am retired - but I never really "retired" - I went from a hectic, paying job, to a fulfilling volunteer effort.

My Sunday begins with church; time spent with friends and depending on the time of year, I watch American football or play pickleball or mow grass or craft.