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About the Gallery

Have no idea where this would go but I just wanted to say I love all the layouts and I don't have time to comment on each and every one. (sure could rack up points if I did LOL)

Some have the weirdest colors (only to me because I haven't thought of them.

Some are so simple there's almost nothing there.

Some are so busy you can't see the pictures.

Some have no pictures.

That's why I love them all.

I have never seen such a huge variety of colors, shapes, etc. seems like paper scrappers are missing the boat.

THANKS to you all for sharing.

Cathy, I am brand spanking new here, and I just want to say I've read many of your comments and I think you are just Adorable! You are so helpful and sweet!

Gee thanks

I love looking at what other people have created, it really inspires me in any digital work that I do. It makes me happy to look at creations. I prefer minimal, but pretty, but sometimes the ones with a lot of stuff look better! There really is a wide selection of styles and techniques on here. I have not been disappointed any day I log in. smiley

I agree Cathy! The people in the Pixel Scrapper community are amazingly talented, and I hope to be able to develop my digital scrapbooking design talents to emulate so many great digital scrapbooking designers out there. Whether we like a particular layout, really love it, or think, "Gee, I wouldn't do it that way," the designs here all serve to inspire our creative juices. The more I look at this site and the sites of designers connected with it, the more I realize how much more I have to learn! They are all inspiring.

I tried uploading a page I just finished but its says that it is 10.04 MB instead of 10 MB I am not very computer literate and I do not know how to make it smaller so I can up load it. Could someone help me with this? Thanks so much!

I use a program called PIXresizer that will reduce the size (it's free!). I usually make my layouts 600x600 which will be within almost any site's requirement. If you use Photoshop or PSE there is a "save for web" built in where you can make a file any size you need. In PSE it is under "file". Hope this helps!

Thanks Patricia! I'll look into that now!

Patricia I tried that program and it worked GREAT Thank you so much!

You are very welcome! I love it! Been using it for years.

I, too, love looking at all the layouts in the gallery, but it is hard to find the time to comment on each one. I am constantly inspired by the creativity on this site!