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I just started here this past week and all I can say is I am hooked. I am on here at least 3 times a day trying to find stuff for books I am making. I just blew through my DC this week and I will have to make another donation. smiley I think I have to look no further. Since I am new to the online scrapbooking I am going to have to cave and get photo shop and start making my own stuff.

Totally agree with you Laura. I am also hooked lol. smiley I found this site about a month ago and spend a lot of time looking through it every day. Its the only place I have found so far where I feel confortable to participate in the forum. Everybody is very generous and helpful. I am also a newbie and appreciate so much all the tutorials, the freebies and the good atmosphere in general.

I have found that too. I have not had any big issues just had a problem the other day down loading a frame. Since I was on a time crunch and had to have the book done last night I was happy to have found a different option for the photo I wanted to use it on. I have not gone to any other sites as this was my first one and I am not looking anywhere else because I never get lucky on first hit on a google search for what I needed.

I keep coming back too, even though I am still so new to digital scrapbooking and using photoshop. However there's lots of tutorials and other users here are also very generous with sharing what they know.

Yes they are very generous. Cant argue with that. I am looking into getting photoshop. I have to talk to my husband about that since he is the one that knows all the stuff about it.

Yep, love this site. Very generous.....and have some of the best papers out there!

I am new as well and already considering making a $20 donation. I know I will be here for the long hall.

Yes Im addicted too! Lol!!