All My Children is BACK!!

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All My Children is BACK!!

So I am totally stoked that All My Children is back with new episodes airing on Hulu. WOOT!!

Anyone else happy?

LOL I've not heard of it Molly but I looked it up and see it is a TV program. I saw the thread title and thought that literally all your children had returned from some long adventure somewhere. I am not sure we had this program in the UK - I must investigate. Have fun!

@Dawn LOL. I actually have heard of it but never watched it. Our whole family liked Days of Our Lives (DOOL), another soap opera, and in fact we went on cruises for ten years with the stars of the show back in the 80's and 90's. It was a DOOL cruise! Not only that every Memorial Day they would have fan gatherings - one year we went to three each day for three days! Yes, we were a little crazy. Then the show got pretty stupid, and we have not watched in many, many years now.

@Janet: It's fun to have a family obsession. Sounds like a great time.

I never watched that one, but I grew up watching Guiding Light every day during summer vacations and school breaks. My grandmother started listening to it as a child when it was on the radio, then watched on TV. So my mom was introduced to it the same way. It's gone now too, but it had also gotten irretrievably stupid, so it was a sad but necessary end.

@Janet Well, I don't know if it is less stupid but Days of Our Lives is back too. The good thing is each of them is only 30 minutes a show now so they are a little easier to watch... smiley That is so awesome that you used to do all that fan stuff.