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American Horror Story

Anybody watch the first couple of seasons?

I quit cable a few weeks ago because we never watched it, but now the new season of AHS is coming up (or it's already started, I'm terrible with dates) and I'm having serious non-buyers remorse. I'm not willing to get cable again for the show, but I'd love to see this season. Anybody know if it's streamed through Hulu or another service like that?

I liked the first seasons a lot, but the second season was really meh in my mind. Just too many things going on and none of them really gave me any closure or answers to my questions. I would much rather the second season have been a continuation of the first season. I really want to know what happened with the demon baby.

We watched the first season & really liked it. And I don't even like horror stuff!! We also gave up cable, however, and haven't seen the 2nd season. We contemplated getting a season pass on Amazon for it, but we have Netflix, so the hubs said he could wait until it was released on Instant. We're hoping that's soon!

I adored the first season and didn't have cable for the 2nd season so I need to watch that. I'm beyond excited for season 3, which starts soon, not sure of the exact date. I know that season 1 of AHS is on Netflix but I can't find season 2 anywhere smiley

Sharilynn, season 2 is being released on DVD at the beginning of October. We're hoping this means it might come to Netflix (preferably Instant) by the end of the month or maybe November. Cross your fingers!

Each season seems to get better than the last one. The Coven one was my fave one...however this last one freakshow was really good too

you should be able to find any popular show like that on DVD. Have you checked online?