Any christians here?

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I'm a Christian, too, and I have a brother who is a preacher.

I haven't read through any of the other posts to get in on any discussion that might be going on, but just wanted to answer the original post, and say that I'm a Christian, too! <><

Wow, loved finding this thread this morning! I'm a believer too, and had so much fun clicking through all the great links! I have lots of faith-inspired free printables on my blog if you're still looking for those and I just started designing faith-inspired kits!

Pixelscrapper was instrumental in my learning design, and I'm so thankful to Marisa and this wonderful site for that. smiley

Looking forward to getting to know you all more! smiley

Hi Melissa-nice to "meet you!" smiley

Thank you so much Bethany! smiley

Me -x-

It's so wonderful to see so many other believers here! I don't know of any Christian scrapping sites, but some designers at ScrapbookGraphics began a faithbooking group at the beginning of the year.

I scrapbook 4x6 cards for my children to memorize Scripture. They keep them in photo brag books.

I am also a Christian.

I am a christian. I use this site to design printable greeting card fronts:

I am also a Christian. smiley

Hey all, Im a christian too. I started bible journalling last year but havent had much time for it this year due to study commitments (almost done!!!!)

I just joined. I am a Christian.

Hi, Ive just joined pixelscrapper after signing up for their emails ages ago. I eventually joined up due to the rainbow kit, I love it and can be used for all types of christian cards.

I like making up christian/catholic prayer cards using craftartist as I can take photos and make my own kits quite easily from them. I will be uploading layouts as soon as I get enough community points.

There are a few catholic/christian layouts that people have already uploaded to pixelscrapper that I have found, all very beautiful. Can't wait to see how many more appear over time.

HERE I am.. I don't always get to church but I try to live like one..My simple prayer is...Help me to be a better Christian today than I was yesterday

Yes I am!

Yes ma'am.
I would love to find Christian artwork out there.
If anyone knows of any, please let me (us) know. smiley
Thank you.

Yes, I am a Christian.

Count me in! In fact, I maintain my church's website. I am starting to make some of my own creations for it. (

I have been considering purchasing a Bible specifically for the new craze of "scrapping" in Bibles. Not sure if I'll be able to bring myself to "mess up" a Bible, though. In the meantime, I'm going to try it in my Bible class journal instead.

I just joined a local Bible journaling group about 2 weekends ago. It's a small group of about 12, but they had it had the local Christian bookstore and the bookstore gave everybody 40% off a Bible specifically for journaling in. I got a gorgeous one in a version I like for like $16. They lady leading it even started a FB group for us to share in if we wanted and gives up a scripture each morning. Just an idea to see if your local Christian Bookstore has anything like that. I met some great ladies at the group. smiley My husband who draws, paints, etc even went and the ladies were all like can you teach us how you did that. It was great for us as a couples thing although I know a lot of guys aren't as artistic as us ladies. It was a FUN outlet for my hubbies daily stressful IT job. He's even offered to teach a technique class for us every once in a while. LoL

You are so lucky, Shawna... I wish we had a Christian bookstore around here, but we don't. And most of the ladies groups at my church meet in the morning, which I can't attend due to my ongoing insomnia.

Yea... We used to have like 5 stores here... 2 of one brand and 3 of another (which left the area) So, now we have just the two by the one company. I still most times buy those types of things elsewhere or online because most of the time the prices are so much higher in the store, especially if it's not a sale or coupon purchase. smiley The weird thing is the way our town is laid out... A lot of the "good" stores are almost 20-30 minutes away from my part of town ...closer out towards the military base.

It's good to see you again. I was MIA for a while... lot's o' stuff happened. smiley smiley smiley but nice to be getting back into some down time and fun things. haha

@Shawna... It's good seeing you again, too! smiley I know what you mean about being MIA - I haven't been around much the last 7 months due to declining health. LONG story... Let's just say I'm slowly diving back into the digiscrap world & hoping and praying that all goes well. smiley I've really missed it here.

Lizanne, I've been dealing with huge insomnia as well. Was in Chicago early Sept and my daughter let me use some of her lavender oil. It definitely helped then, so I got my own, but it's not been working so well this last week.

Have you ever had a chance to tried essential oils? (Praying for ya)

Hi Laura! Thanks - I really appreciate that... I was put on a CPAP machine a few months ago for severe sleep apnea (something that came out of my hospital stay back in late Feb/early March), and my hubby rubs a blend of lavender-frankincense-sweet orange into my feet every night (reflexology to help me with pain). My problem is drifting off to sleep. My sleep study doctor suggested I try 6 mg of melatonin before bed - I'm finding sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe it just needs to build up in my system?

Yeah because of the way melatonin works, it would probably need to build up...though neither my mom or I have had much luck with it. Praying it and the CPAP can really help you.

I've started taking a muscle relaxer, and it's helping some. Sometimes I wonder if a CPAP would help. My dad got one several years ago, and helps both mom and he to sleep, as she doesn't have to worry about waking him because he's stopped breathing.