Any Doctor Who Fans?

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Any Doctor Who Fans?

I am a recent convert to being *slightly* obsessed with the Doctor. My SIL and I have been working our way through the episodes. We've just moved into shows with the eleventh doctor. It's very exciting!

Is anyone planning anything special for the 50th anniversary episode on Saturday?

I LOVE Doctor Who! My favorite Doc is the 9th, Christopher Eccleston, so far. I've seen all of season 1 and a few episodes with Doc 10 and Doc 11 but haven't completed all of the seasons...yet! My fiance and I are watching all the seasons of Doctor Who because our cable company has them all OnDemand for free so in the last few days we've watched about 5 episodes, slowly but surely making progress! Can't wait for the 50th anniversary episode this weekend!

our whole family loves the show! my teen daughters found in on netflix and now we are all converts smiley having a doctor party and watching the special together!! (even made a kit to scrap photos afterwards!)

I have watched the first two episodes on Netflix. Apparently, I need to keep going. I only hear good things about it!

Here in Brazil a big company of movie theathers will have live sessions of the special shown... but for me the tickets are so expensive. I´m going to my business party´s house to see it together, as I don´t have a TV or cable TV at home (for a life option, as we´d rather have an extra PC than a TV :p) as BBC will also broadcast it live...

Have you seen "The night of the doctor" teaser?

I was addicted to the really old Dr. Who shows. I never got into the new doctors but watched all the spin off Torchwood shows.
John Barrowman is so talented.

I found in my Doctor Who watching that for a while I couldn't figure out why everyone loved the show so much, and then all of a sudden I was obsessed. My SIL said it was the same for her.

MY brothers and father always watched Dr Who growing up and as we only had one TV I started watching it too and loved it. We were all addicted and never missed an episode. I guess I remember Tom Baker as the DR the most with his scarf and jelly babies. We used to think the special effects and character costumes were so awesome. You look at them now and well special effects have just advanced so much since the old series. I started watching the newer series but then they put it on at a weird time and lost track. I have a lot of fond memories of "exterminatating" my brothers.

I *LOVE* Doctor Who! But also being cheap (frugal? lol) we don't have cable, netflix, etc, or any local PBS stations that play it... so I have to wait until they're free on Amazon Prime to watch them. So I'm basically a season behind. poo. But the anniversary is VERY close to my birthday, so I will pretend they're doing it just for me. smiley
Are any of you designers participating in the DW-themed blog hop? I am SO THERE. XD

@ Julie can you share a link on the DW Blog Hop??? Please!!!!

My cousins used to watch the Classic Dr Who's, so I saw them once a year. They were interesting, but not really a fan, one tv and it was only once a year.

After a while, found the new series again, and watched. Was concerned as I caught up with the show, as they started out remaking the old stories...which was cute, and I'm sure looking back, was to draw back their old fan base! Tried Torchwood, but they got to sinister for me.

I thought that their change in the new doctors was also an attempt to pull in old fans and then new, specifically 9th Dr Christopher Eccleston fit well with the old doctors, and 10th Dr David Tennant then shifted them more towards updating the doctor image to match the times.

Then hubby lost his job, and so we didn't have the show, until we found Netflix for $8 a month. That's when my son got started watching it, and nothing better than being able to sit down and watch on your own schedule. We really enjoyed 10th Doctor, though I had about 2-3 episodes where they really had to win me over. The 11th Doctor...well, the only thing that kept me was fan, and then both Son and I stayed for the companions. Until we realized that the WRITING was getting SO MUCH BETTER! And then we were hooked. 11th Dr really showed that he could act it!

Another option for those of us that are waiting to see episodes on something other than "TV ~ BBC" Dr Who on Couch Tuner. It's Free, and there are several options (check the Tabs) for where to watch...some had captions, and some didn't run well on our devices, but see what works for you. We watched ALL the 7th Season on it. We now have WOW cable, because they throw in free cable with our bundle of phone and internet. But it's the basic level, so we have no BBC.

At least in this thread. Those of you who want to discuss the new series, I'd suggest start a thread telling the Dr's # and add "Spoiler Alert", into the title as some of us will have to wait for Netflix, or Amazon Prime or something else, to get the episodes.

I watched it when I was younger, but my teen (Seth) recently got me into it again... I remember at some point in the 80's that it was canceled - and I never knew that they brought the show back! lol

@Laura here's a designer who (see what I did there? hehehe) is participating.
There's a few more that I've "liked" but I can't remember any of them. LOL

That's a cool blog train idea! Thanks for sharing.

Also, did you see the special Dr Who game on the google search page today?

I am participating in the blog train and even made a cute little preview video for it! You can hop on the blog train on my blog HERE! Other than that, we are going to watch the Special tonight with the kids, and I'm going to scrap with the cute Dr. Who pieces!


It was sooooooooooooooo good! And when the old doctor came out at the end (I won't spoil which one, for those of you who haven't seen it yet), Boyfriend's dad flipped out.

I'm curious to see how the new Doctor will fit in. I really like Clara, and I don't want to see her go.

I missed it... (rats)

ooo it was brilliant...i love david tenant..the last doctor ( matt smith) comes from my home town but hes a bit of a pratt so i didnt watch any of his..hehe

did anyone see the spin off of that done by peter davidson ...

I watched Dr Who when Tom Baker played the role - I think he was the fourth doctor. I loved it then, but it hasn't been shown in our area since.

@Amber - Agreed

This weekend we went to a Doctor Who Anniversary celebration in a nearby city and it was super cool. My friends did cosplay, we sold crafts and watched episodes both from classic and modern doctors - And, of course, The Night of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor. When I find my camera I´ll show you a pic of my friends as Tennant and Matt Smith smiley