Any full-time RVers?

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Any full-time RVers?

My husband and I moved into our camper in May and we will hit the open road in April. I was just wondering if there is anyone here who are also full-time RVers?

I'm pretty sure we've had some RVers say hello in the past. Digital scrapbooking is a great hobby when you're on the road!

we spent 9mths on the road a few years back and loved it

Awesome! I am no sure how long we will stay on the road, but we leave in the spring!

We are very slowly doing our home up to sell so we can buy cheaper in a country town somewhere to lock up and leave to go onto the road, am hoping we do this before we reach 70yr old LOLOLOL lets hope eh smiley In between time we jump onto the bus and take off for a week or so, its a wonderful life hon, you should enjoy every second of it. If I had my way I would always be on the road till the end of my time, I am by heart and by blood a gypsy!

Amanda, I hope you get your chance too! Good luck.