Any habits that you wish would go away?

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Any habits that you wish would go away?

Hmmm....banging a pencil on the table, checking to see if the door is locked four times in a row, turning the tv frequently, but not interested in watching it, leaving the computer on all day, what are some of your habits?

I bite my nails. It's horrid, I know! smiley You would think that 3 years of braces (when I was an adult, no less) would have cured me of this habit, but you'd be wrong. LOL So when I want to appear grown-up (special occasions, etc) I use glue-on nails. Luckily, I've gotten pretty good at that. smiley

This is gross, but picking pimples on my face, or my husbands. smiley It's like one of those strange addictions. lol and smiley

Hummmm... the habit I would like to see go away is working. LOL (Okay I really don't want to stop my work ethic, just want to retire, so I can have more time to enjoy other things). smiley

Eating candy that isn´t really tasty... I know, I´m probably a sugar addict smiley