Any paper scrappers and links to paper scrapping sites

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Any paper scrappers and links to paper scrapping sites

Does anyone have any links to share to sites that offer tutorials, ideas, a forum, etc.? I would like to learn more and improve my paper skills.

Thanks! smiley

Well, I think paper crafting is such a broad category that it is hard to point to just one or two sites to get the whole spectrum of what you can do. However, there are places I tend to go.

I go to youtube when I'm looking for a specific tutorial. I like watching someone else do something, it gives me inspiration. Half the time I don't come up with anything close to what they made but there will be one element that is the same or similar.

A few years back I stopped buying almost exclusive Stampin' Up paper craft supplies. I think they're great quality plus I really like their company so I like to support it. Anyway, because of that I started going to Stampin' Up's website to get ideas. They have a digi scrap forum but not a paper scrap one so if you see their forums, it's all digi scrap.

Since I'm an avid Cricut user, I will often go to Cricut's site to see what they have going on. I haven't been there in a while and I know they changed their site but they use to have oodles and oodles of tips, trick, ideas, etc.

I used to use Splitcoast Stamper and Two Peas in a Bucket from time to time. They can have really cool tutorials and they are forum type sites but I just never got into it.

I also like to go see what Ranger and Tim Holtz are up to. Tim Holtz does things with paper I didn't realize paper could do. To me, he's one of the most amazing paper artists out there. (And he's good looking to boot. lol)

I feel like I'm forgetting something and if I think of something more I'll add it. Really though, your best bet is to just google things. Like if you want to learn how to do paper flowers google paper flower tutorial and you'll find a lot of different options. I found that onces I got a few techniques under my belt I started to get more adventurous and daring. It was quite fun! Let us know what you come up with! smiley

I agree, paperscrapping is very broad, and there are a ton of different styles. That said, I love Shimelle Laine. She does Youtube videos as herself, and she also does "Glitter Girl". Shimelle does a lot of sketch to page videos. Glitter Girl helps solve dilemmas that scrappers have like using old supplies, or a old photos, or using a new trend, etc. You can find her on YouTube ( or at I also love her accent (she's in England).

What is your style like? Do you like more artsy? Or more story oriented? What skills are you trying to improve? I find there's a lot of overlap in digital and paper. The difference is just the process, taping verses pasting, cutting versus cropping, etc. I like to listen to the Paperclipping Podcast. Noell Hyman hosts it, and she has different scrappers guest on it. They always refer back to their websites, or 'where you can find them'. I like to hear different opinions, and it's helped me find a few other scrappers (like Monica Bradford, Lain Ehmann, and Mercy Tiara) to broaden my views. Plus, if you are more of a visual person, you can check out Pinterest, and see what styles you resonate to. I use an eClips machine, so I also check out Sizzix ideas, and svg sites (svg is a file type). This has led me to Kerri Bradford, and A Vegas Girl at Heart. Once you start looking, you may get lost forever! Just kidding smiley

The biggest one's I can think of are and I like the community at a Canadian site called is a huge site with thousands of members, but I'm not too involved with that community. UK Scrappers is huge too, but I was usually just involved there for the Craft Robo forum. You may get some good information there about cutting machines too, but it will be biased to the Silhouette (since they took over the distribution rights from Graphtec who sponsors the Craft Robo forum).

I'm rapidly falling in love with Pinterest and have found tons of links to tutorials and videos there. This is one of my favorite Pinterest sites

The only problem I've found with this site is I can never leave! Once I find something I like it leads me to something else I like and it just never ends! smiley

Wow! So much awesome info. and leads! Thank you so much to each one of you for sharing your ideas and sites!

I'd agree is a good one, though it's almost too big. I also visit a lot, but I'm kind of annoyed with them right now because they're restructuring their digital side, and losing a lot of designers. Their paper-scrapping side is good, though.

Thank you for the links, Brandi!

I used to like Twopeas as well, but they have been on a moderation kick lately and I find that encourages 'naughtiness' as people try to get away with things, or see how far they can push the envelope. I prefer here.

Plus, the whole digital mess is obnoxious.

Courtney, I haven't really ever used the forums on Two Peas, just bought things there and subscribed to their newsletters. I don't like big communities because I find that unless you've been there since they were small it's kind of hard to break into the community.

Check out this blog and sign up for their newsletter
They have great design tips and sketches for paper scrapping

Thank you again to you all for your great ideas, tips, and links! I agree about the larger communities, and I'm interested in broadening my paper scrapping skills, learning new techniques. All this info. is a great help! smiley

i can think of two: & They both seem to offer the same things but I think scrapbooks etc. seem to have a few more tutorials. I hope this helps some! smiley

Thank you for the links and inspiration. Will for surely be checking all this stuff out. I myself am considering buying a Silhouette Cameo but not for scrapbooking but for card making and other various craft projects.