Any Vocalist out there?

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Any Vocalist out there?

I'm looking for some great Voice Training software.

I was just wondering if there's anyone out there that's used any or would have some recommendations. I thought I'd put some feelers out different places I know folks on-line. We are thinking of getting both our kids a program for Christmas.

Both my kinds would love to be able to take voice lessons, but now they don't have enough time between studies and work to do so. Both have basic knowledge of reading music, but would love to learn more. Both also have experience singing, but have never really worked with choir directors or such. My daughter helped with a college Christmas choir last year but did so on her lunch break and was never able to join the part rehearsals, because she just didn't have the time. Both have lead worship, solo and together, but would love to advance their skills. My son is looking at the possibility of studying music when he gets onto a college campus next year, depending on which university he goes to, one of his college choices is VERY selective, the other choice he'd probably minor in music at, since he's never had any formal musical training.

We homeschooled both, my son until HS....I taught my daughter to read music at 4, but after that year we didn't have a piano, and other things took precedence. My son didn't show any signs of interest in music or instruments until he was 13 and began studying guitar on his own and immediately started playing for his youth group while his sister lead vocally. Joshua has since, learned keyboarding on his own, and is taking a basic keyboarding class at the HS. He's also found a violin to borrow, and with an hour training from his grandfather on bowing techniques, has been able to tinker fairly well when he has the time.

Really wanting to get each of them to the next step in voice. Thanks for any input you might have.

Mac or PC, each as their own.

I no longer sing. Maybe I'll pick up civ choir again one day, but I no longer sing like I use to.
So, from my limited knowledge, I've never experienced a computer program for helping with vocal training. It seems to be more one of those things you need at the minimum another person to help you fine tune the things you can't realize yourself. A computer just can't pick up things like the human mind can.
Beyond that, what he can do for personal practice is to get a book on warm up exercises. Vocal involves a lot of healthy core muscles and lungs and such. Which is why my range is no longer what it use to be. I'm out of shape.
Another possibility is if you have a local A Capella Church of Christ in your area, you can call their pastor/lead elder and see if anyone in their congregation gives voice lessons and find out if you can work a deal. Most of the congregations have at least one or two professional music teachers. He'll also get to learn shape notes that way!

Amber, lol someone else who knows about shape notes! I guess I didn't realize they still used them! Only seen them in very old hymnals, smiley

My range and power has diminished greatly as well... Unfortunately my mind also so I'm not a ton of help when he wants me to compare phrases when he's composing on the fly lol. Also my strength musical was always site reading, faked both my piano teacher & my folks out on how much I really practiced as my sight reading was so good that by the time I played it once for teacher, once so my parents thought I was practicing then I could play it well enough to impress the teacher and get to move on. Unfortunately that's my sons weakest area because by the time he really took an interest, I would try to slow him done long enough to develop his reading skill he'd get frustrated or run out of time, his reason for taking it at school this year, so that it's part of his required studies. He just can't find the time , and it was always easier for him to hear a song and then play it, or have my sight read/ play for him, and then he could pick it up that way. I really envy the ability to play his instruments by ear! And it's proved to make things cheaper, he listens to it on radio, or a movie like the Hobbit last yr, came home and started picking out a couple of the songs he really liked.

I'll do some more asking around though, thanks for the ideas!

I've never had professional lessons - just worked with various choral directors over the years as I sang in different state & regional competitions (and some off Broadway stuff)...

I remember there was a good program (on cassette) for vocal training/warm-ups... I think it was called "Born to Sing" by Elisabeth Howard and Howard Austin of The Vocal Power Institute. I bet there's a version on CD now, too...

I haven't done much singing since I had kids & have lost my range, too. I used to be able to sing Soprano 2 all the way down to Tenor 2 (Tenor 1 being my favorite).

Laura, to be fair, I don't know a Church of Christ that DOESN'T us old hymnals. They always look fragil and no one ever had to ask what page the song is on. You already know!

Lizanne, I had trouble hitting above the middle of the treble. In high school, there was one bass who could sing a half-step below me to D flat. Which was weird since my speaking voice is a little high pitched.