Anyone from Belgium here

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Anyone from Belgium here

I'm looking for some fellow scrappers/designers from Belgium, to share experience, tips and tricks,...
It's always easier if you can speak/write in your own language, isn't it?

I am not from Belgium, but I live there. I'm American, but I live in Vlaams-Brabant. Mijn Nederlands is heel slecht, maar ik moet oefening maken! smiley

aangenaam Heather, how do you like Belgium. I have an aunt that lives in Tremelo-Baal, I'm from Limburg, Lommel.
always nice to meet someone in the same digital world that lives "nearby"

I hope you won't be offended, but to be honest, I don't really like it here. I'm sorry! Mainly I just want to go home. smiley I love your hair, by the way!

Thanks for the compliment. I do believe you that you don't like it here. This land is runned by monkeys. I'm not offended, if I could i would move out of here.

LOL, my husband says the same thing! Its also really really really crowded here. I come from Maine, which is a nice rural place with lots of trees. Belgium is 1/3 the size of my home state of Maine, but has 11 times the people!