Anyone here tried the NEW Facebook "Graph Search" yet?

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Anyone here tried the NEW Facebook "Graph Search" yet?

Was just getting on Facebook, something I don't do often anymore, and saw that they are beginning to roll out another new feature...Graph Search. Was wondering if anyone here as tried it yet?

I'm a little leery to try it yet, as in the past with Facebook new roll-outs, I'm early to get them, and have had tons of troubles with bugs in my account because of them! ESPECIALLY when they did their new chat/mail feature a few years ago...I went for months with spotty e-mail and chat. Sometimes I'd get things sometimes I wouldn't. I could be chatting with someone, I'd get half of the things they were sending, and the other half of the conversation just never came. It actually caused a lot of problems, because both of us thought I was getting everything, and it was hard to realize that I wasn't.

So I thought I'd ask before investigating this new upgrade, to see how it was working for others, before

FB Graph Search

Sadly, with Facebook, it doesn't matter how early or late you get their new BS updates, you'll always have bugs and a lot of problems. Everyone I know has/had issues with the website lol. Considering it's one of the hugest websites (like ever), it has a lot of problems. I tend to ignore all their fancy features. I post stuff on my personal and blog page, use it to chat and occasionally play a game so I don't typically look at half of their new features anymore.

I don't plan to try it, because that sort of stuff never works right for me. Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with family and friends, and I play a couple of games, but I get really annoyed with their "upgrades" and "new features". As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I wish Facebook would learn that!

I completely agree Penny!

Agreed, I really just finished watching their video, and though I like the idea of being able to ask my friends for Dr recommendations - have done that...I want something personal, not just the fact that a friend on FB happened to push the Dr's Like button.

I want to be able to search for links people shared, or photos, but correct me if I'm wrong, they used to have a way to just see photos, or just see links in your news feed. But then unfortunately they dropped that feature a few years ago.

This just looks like that idea with a new hype...and the possibility for a BUNCH of glitches and troubles!

I just look at it as another way to know what you did, when you did it, how you did it, why you did it and who you did it with!!!! FB and every electronic thing want too much information!! Heck, I don't even like the ads/pop ups that I see based on a site I might have visited or a product I looked at on Amazon. It gets tiring. I see the graph as just another way to get more information on how we live our lives!!!

Hmmmm...I deleted my fb about a yr and a half ago because I got bored and tired of so many changes. Change is good and all but whew, it gets to be too much at times. But that seems kinda interesting!

Yeah, I can't see it as filling a gap of any kind. I spend a lot of time "trimming" my FB feed. I go through and delete most activity after a couple months. And the pages I like aren't visible to anyone. So, seems this feature wouldn't be very useful if my friends wanted to get info from me. LOL They would have to just ask me (gasp!).

In my case I really like it smiley I find everything I want faster!!!