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Does anyone here love playing games on your phone or tablet when you have free time? I know sometimes for me that isn't much but I have a few I like to play to de-stress some on hard days...
My go to's are Magic Puzzles (I think it's called) It's jigsaw puzzles. I like EASY (they make me feel smart, not dumb like the ones in the paper do sometimes. LoL) crossword games but haven't found a favorite yet. And lastly, I like this game called Seekers Notes (it's kind off a hide and seek game to find hidden objects). I have to be careful with this one, it's addictive. LoL smiley

How about you???

For me, it would be Scrabble... sometimes Scattergories. And when I need mindless, I fall back on Panda Pop.

I have recently become slightly addicted to Candy Crush. I know it was the thing a while ago, but I never tried it. I've started listening to lots more audiobooks, so my new habit is to listen and play before bed. It does a pretty good job of knocking me out, if I can stop playing smiley

I too play Panda Pop but stopped when I couldn't get past a certain level. Also, I play Clockmaker

I really love games. I used to be addicted. I have to watch myself or I will overdo it. I love hidden object games. I am currently playing Sims FreePlay and Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows. I've played just about everything at one time or another ….

@Tammy: From what I understand from other players/friends I play with... Seekers Notes is very very similar to Hidden City. A lot of them use to play it before switching. This was my first ever real game on the phone besides the jigsaws and crosswords.
I totally KNOW what ya' mean! It is sooooo addictive because: 1) I just want to level up!!! and 2) I love the playing with internet friends in my game and helping one another.
They are supposed to start guilds soon (well I've heard they've been saying that for about a year, now) I've only been playing about 9 months but that would add a whole aspect since it would open you up to challenges against each other within the game. My hubby worked a TON (he's salaried, so boooo... but they had a project to finish) a couple weekends ago. He was out of town for 3 days. I barely left the house except to walkt the dog 2 times a day on her 1.5 miles and then the other times, she got the back yard. LOL But, I leveled up 3 levels!!! smiley smiley So, I had to back off this weekend and not play. ROFLOL

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows. I've played just about everything at one time or another …

@Marisa: Ironically that's why I never played Candy Crush because I heard about ti being very addictive. and then about 2 years later, I got sucked in by a friend to SN and now I'm worse than her. LoL She has kids that require her attention like you, so... but me... I have to just remember to walk the dog. LoL smiley

For me, I love most any WORD games, but never on my phone (tablet only); my faves have been Words Crush & Word Connect but I just found another that I like, I think its called Word Champion.

TYSVM Rose!!! I will have to download and check these 3 out and see if one is more up my alley. smiley

You're welcome, Shawna; I've found another that I enjoy, called "Word Crossy".

They are all free apps but the ads are annoying; the good thing is its only $1.99 (per app) to have no ads. smiley

Cookie Cats!! It's a match but instead of being limited to three you can match chains all over the board in one move, SO fun!! and the cats sing to you at the end of each level!!!

I love simcity build it, recently i found it on the phone

I'm going to look into this Cookie Cats smiley

Does anyone else... HAVE to turn off the sounds (at least the music to most games)? I must confess, they seems to drive me nuts after a "short" while. I don't mind the noises that are linked to the play of the game (if that makes sense), just the background type music. smiley smiley smiley hahaha

Marisa, you will prob love them, sorry if you get addicted smiley They are so much fun!!!

Shawna, I thought I was the only one! As I age, my hearing becomes more sensitive (weird, huh?) and my tolerance for high pitched sounds has been decreasing. "Tinny" music and electronic sounds ( music in games and most sound effects in games) seem to drive me crazy fastest. My sound is turned off on all my devices!

I like to play Crosswords and Words with Friends. I downloaded House Flip but I haven't used it yet.
And yes, I turn off the sounds for the games!

I definitely turn the sound off, annoying and also I'm listening to an audiobook while I play.

@Varia: Yes, I'm now obsessed!

smiley @Marisa, hehehe told you!! I think it's WAY more fun than a regular match game. I like some sounds and others I turn off too, depends on the game i guess.

Yes Shawna! I have to turn off the music. I listen to the sounds because they help me know when I'm got something good. I've been addicted for years to Frozen on my Amazon Fire. They have a totally free version that doesn't stop me after a certain number of games and I never have to buy anything. But, I play it WAY too much.

Marisa I do the same thing with audio books, listen while I play. I've listened to books for years. Now that I'm older its the only way I get through a book cause I fall asleep reading an actual book. Okay you guys just talked me into Cookie Cats. Downloading it now.

I love the audio book idea!!! Where do you guys find that has the best price and selection. I tried AudioBooks way back in the day but it got a tad expensive IF i didn't have time to actually listen each day for an hour or so at least... IMO it took that many to get my money's worth. LoL

Shawna, our local public library has a huge selection of audiobooks... when my kids were younger and we took field trips, we would pick one up for the ride. Also, our local Cracker Barrel restaurant carries some audiobooks.

I also get my audiobooks from the library. They have an app so you can listen on your phone.

I like finding patterns so all my games have some sort of pattern matching aspect to them. The two I play most are Solitaire (yeah, boring but soooo relaxing) & Sudoku. I also really enjoy Bejeweled 2 (with the sound way down), Color Zen, & Blendoku - plus Silk, a drawing/pattern making game, just for fun. And yes, the music is OFF for each of these & the sound is way down.

Mind you, my phone has lots & lots of other games - several Toca & Angry Birds games, Fruit Ninja, Flappy Bird, AG Drive, & others. Back when Apple had a weekly free offering of a usually paid app, I downloaded anything I though my niece & twin nephews might like. The only downside is that when they're here, which is often, I don't get to use my phone!

I also love coloring so I have Pigment on my iPad. There's a new drawing to color every day.

@Sarah: I, too have fruit ninja. It was fun back when Apple use to give us a free up every week. Fruit ninja (the free version we got way back in the day) isn't as much fun now with all the updates, ads, etc. )
I'll have to check out Pigment for my iPad. I have Corify... but it's m'ehhh. Thanks for sharing your app ideas! smiley

@Marisa & Madge:
I went to the library the other day to checkout the Audio Books selection and would you believe it... apparently I've misplaced my library card. It's been almost a year since I've checked anything out. WELL... they wanted to charge me $15 to replace it! I was like what the what?!? Are you kidding me. I pay $1,000 a year in property taxes to my county. They haven't provided trash service for the past 15 years so we also have to pay a private company to the tune of $185 annually to PICK UP our garbage and we still have to pay several $100's in addition for property taxes to the county for our car tags. WHY do I pay taxes? There are pot holes everywhere up and down every street in my neighborhood and the city says it's county roads, the county says it city roads and 3 years of complaints and petitions they have finally threw some black gravel tar in a couple of the giant holes because many of us started filing for alignment reimbursements against the county. And my last library card was from EIGHT years ago. Is this a JOKE? You want me to PAY $15 to get a new paper card with my ID # on it reprinted? That's ASININE!

Sorry, so after I got down off my soapbox, I left the library refusing to pay the fee because I knew the minute I did, my card would "show up" LOL So, long story longer, smiley -- needless to say, I didn't check out the audio book selection. b'wahahahaha

Aw, Shawna, I would have left too. Our library cards are heavy plastic, like a bank card, and there is only a $1 replacement fee. Hopefully your card will show up soon!

That sounds ridiculous Shawna. I actually don't have a physical card for my library anymore, because I only use it online and I have the number saved in my records.

When we first bought our first computer (which the whole family used!), I downloaded every game which was free & you can play only upto a certain level or was free to play for one month! But then life caught up...& playing games on the computer was relegated to the background...
But I still play Jardinains...have the full version on my computer...sometimes...
Bejewelled was good...finding hidden objects, etc, etc...
OK, this is for all who have small kids or who are interested...its called 'DRAWING FOR KIDS', its completely free , even grown ups will find it makes patterns, can download & install for free...lifelong...

So I do play some farming games & hidden object games - But I am addicted too my Project Life app.