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I hate all the sounds with games; I think they are all unnecessary; they drive me nuts too and, it makes it impossible to play in bed while hubby is sleeping! smiley

I'm not really into games...and yet, there is one on my phone because my 8 yr old installed it. That is all she is allowed to install smiley I need room for my own apps! smiley

@Lisa: I downloaded the app and played with a few of the freebies, but it was hard for me to add the PL kits when I physically own almost everyone ever made ever. LoL I wish they had originally set up that app that if your bought the IRL version, you could get a copy of the digital version added to your iPad app for say 99 cents. You know the IRL kits even if you got them on sale ran $18 minimum but if your couldn't find them on sale were $30 smiley Little pet peeve when they try to get double money from people. They could always have put printed discount codes or something or made you scan your receipt and issued a credit to your account. I mean how many people would have actually done it anyway... I know people that get Wendy's coupons in their mailbox, go to Wendy's and eat that night and refuse to use a coupon for prides sake... Lordy, Lordy... LoL

So I do play some farming games & hidden object games - But I am addicted too my Project Life app.

@Rose: Oh My wooord!!! IKR I've awaken the beast (my hubby with hardly any sleep) doing jigsaw puzzles many a times and gotten fussed at. LoL it's the silly pop-up adds they all have now. ugggh and it's always when you least expect it. smiley smiley

I hate all the sounds with games; I think they are all unnecessary; they drive me nuts too and, it makes it impossible to play in bed while hubby is sleeping!

I will confess to recently stepping up my gaming situation and now I'm deeply involved in the PC, etc game Stardew Valley. It's a farming game, and super enjoyable.

Funny @Marissa!

Has anyone played Klondike yet? It appears to be a type of farming or land/home growing game maybe in Canadian setting or the Alps or the like... not sure as I haven't downloaded it yet but the advertisements show up regularly on my other games. smiley

I have tried a new one another word game... I'm still very low level so on the fence for now if I really like it... smiley It's called Word Bound.

For me it's word games. Have several I play that are 'scrabble' like. Often play Gin Rummy on my phone too or shuffle cats which is basically rummy. Just found a new game called Slidey I really like too. It's quite a simple game but can be challenging too.

My fave games are:
Fallout (the mobile version), a bit like the Sims but you have to train your residents to better survive the nuclear wasteland
Hearthstone, card games have never really been my thing but I can't resist the Warcraft universe
I tried a game that the Play Store reccommended to me called Bury Me, My Love. It's a beautiful but moving text message game where you follow the journey of a woman leaving Syria to try and reach Europe.

Other than games my fave apps are things like Photoshop Express, IG, and the PL app. Although I'm a little galled at the price of the custom font add-on so I haven't purchased that quite yet smiley Have lost my mojo with the app at the moment anyway and enjoying full 12x12 digi layouts more right now.

When I get the time, I play Family Farm smiley

My favorite phone games are FreeCell, Pyramid Solitaire, Tripeaks Solitaire, regular Solitaire, and Mahjong. I'm not going to play any more games where I'm tempted to buy things with real $$ money from the Play Store when I run out of credits!

Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda, Solitaire and Mahjong.

So, update I didn't like that Word Bound one too much. got kind of silly and ridiculous needing to use coins which meant you'd have to BUY coins to play... NOPE! I found one I enjoyed better but I play so sporadically lately... It's called Wod Mocha but fun and simple, a little challenging.

PS I, too, LOVE mahjong... not too many play especially in the south. So, I love the apps! smiley

My favorite apps & games on my phone are Xodo, 7 Little Words, Simon's Cat Crunch Time, SparkPeople, Cozi, Kidoz (for my nephew to play around on), Kindle, YouVersion, Pinterest, and YouTube.

I have no games on my PC or my Phone BUT my addiction is Ebooks on my phone

Oh yes....I play Cross Stitch World, but am a huge fan of mahjongg as well.

free time? I was just wondering what that is? lol

I do digital puzzles (dont have room to set up real ones) other then that if I do have spare time I like to do my crafting... but if I am waiting at doc or something like that I will play spider solitaire on my phone.

I have a few match three games, monopoly bingo, but my favourite vice is Guns of Glory. It's an absurdity, but I love it and love the people.