April Fools - Did you get fooled?

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April Fools - Did you get fooled?

Yesterday was a rather uneventful April Fools. Usually at least someone on the internet manages to fool me, but I guess I didn't do enough looking around. I'll probably get fooled after the fact!

So I can't offer any embarrassment to help you share yours, but I'd still like to know smiley. Also, on the flip side, did you manage to fool anyone?

Lol.. No, I'm not really good at that! smiley

I didn't manage to fool anybody but Interweave was giving a free live alpaca with every purchase ... too funny

I wasn´t fooled this year - usually I am... I posted fake news on facebook - here in Brazil we have at least one site that gives us all kind of funny fake news all around the year, this was one of those - saying that the government would force all the houses to paint their fronts in green and yellow for the WorldCup and back to their regular color after that and I thought it looked like very edible news - I´ve seen people sharing weirdest news from this site thinking they were true - but only one friend actually believed on it...

Lots of friends shared fake life events on facebook too - and some were really edible - but I think this year everybody was sooo aware that it was April Fool´s...

@Susan: I'd kind of like a live alpaca. If only my yard were bigger I'd have taken them up on the offer smiley

@Lorien: I don't even think I looked at Facebook yesterday, there was probably some good fooling going on.

Marisa ... we have several alpaca farms around us and they are such cool animals ... if I was younger I think I'd like a farm of alpacas ... they pay for themselves very quickly too ... cuddly as all heck

I decided to pass this year. One of my sisters claimed to have won the Lottery, but I knew she was foolin'. smiley
Last year, I did the "cake" that was meatloaf with mashed potatoes, and then "meatloaf" that was actually cake. It was NOT well received, so I've decided not to mess with the food anymore.
Some "pranks" that I see online are NOT funny to the person on the receiving end, so I don't like those.

I saw an internet post about a new Tim Burton movie with Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp. I was SO excited and I shared it with my artist daughter and we were totally going gaga over it and it was totally an April Fool's joke and we were depressed. smiley