Are You Creatively Impatient?

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Are You Creatively Impatient?

Weird question, right! smiley I was beginning to think I was really impatient when it came to technology and creativity. In every other area, I am quite the patient person and pretty laid back. But I like to get things done, and when I can't create as fast as I would like with technology, I can get frustrated. Also being sick was taking a lot of my patience away and upped the frustration level. Now that I am in a bit of a getting things done groove, I don't mind if I can't create it all - as long as I can create something. Maybe it's more about seeing progress than anything. smiley My Sweetie has been known to say, "I hear you clicking away there." smiley It may also be my learning style. I click to see what happens and take it from there. What about you? Are you creatively patient or impatient?

I would have to say I'm patient, I love getting into PS and just clicking on different things and seeing what happens, then if I like something save it so I can use it (maybe someday I will use it, I keep telling myself) Even when it comes to getting my hands dirty with "real" craft supplies, I take my time, and don't try to rush things.

apparently I have the patience of a saint! Or so I am told a lot but I am impatient when it seems to take forever to get something just right. I am extremely impatient doing real handcrafts when instructions say the paint or glue will be bone dry in four hours so you can continue working at that point. And then 8 hours later when its STILL not dry, you are more likely to find that saint inside of me than any patience lol ...and there is NO saint inside of me I swear!

I know exactly what you mean, but it doesn't happen too often. Usually I'm good if I can at least get the idea down on paper so that when I do have the time I can go back and create it.

Otherwise as far as patience goes, I'm very patient with my husband (he needs it) and very impatient with slow internet connections! lol

I'm like you, I'm usually clicking away and my husband calls it, clickety clicking, LOL. I like to get my creating done!!!!

I like to see progress and I like the finished result, which I think may add to the times I'm being impatient. That's not to say that I don't mind spending time on something. It's just the glitches that get in the way that get me worked up so I can understand the frustration at waiting for glue or a slow internet! I like to get my creating done, too! smiley