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Are You Ready For Mother's Day? - I'm Not

I got a call from my son last night asking what do I want to do for Mother's Day. I was thinking I had a couple more weeks and it is next weekend. Yikes!

Double Yikes - I took a quilting class and need to bind a small lap quilt I am making to give my mother who is 79 for Mother's Day. We don't typically see each other that day, I usually see her a few days before. Here is the double yikes - She has invited me and my daughter-in-law with the grand kids (my mother's great grands) over for lunch tomorrow. It's an hour drive from my house one way and I don't want to make 2 trips in one week, so that means I have to finish the quilt today. I sure hope it sews smoothly. Then need to pick up something for DIL for a Mother's Day gift and have it all ready for tomorrow. oh boy! smiley

Mom just called me, and told me she will need to go at the hospital at mother´s day, because they scheduled an exam she NEEDS to do for Sunday. How come you schedule an exam to Sunday, mother´s day???? Don´t they have mothers too?

Well, mom seemed a bit upset about it, but we will just reschedule the family meeting for later on. Anyway, we had one only some weeks ago in Easter, and her b-day is in 45 days... And I won´t have a gift ready for mother´s day... Guess I already gave my mother all the cheap handcraft gifts I´d think about. Now, off to think on an excuse to try skip going to my MIL house, lol.

No, I´m not ready for mother´s day either...

We planned weeks ago because we are going to go see my daughter's birth grandma!!!

My mum lives in a different state to me, so I have posted off her card and gift. I will be visiting her in a couple of weeks time anyway, but I wanted her to have her gift for Mother's day.

My daughter is spending time with her boys (my grandsons) on Sunday morning and then we are going to see the stage production of The King and I in the late afternoon, while the boys, their dad and my husband all go to the football. Winners all round!

I did a charity gift for my mother this year which even includes sending her a card! We usually have brunch the day of, possibly with my in-laws as well. My MIL likes getting a hanging basket of flowers for her porch so we'll get that this weekend I think. At least this year my husband isn't traveling for work!

I gave my mother her quilt already and she loves it. smiley However I still need to make a tag for it so I told her I will do that and come hand sew it on there.

Something funny happened. My son decided to send me a gift. This turned out to be a chocolate covered strawberries box full of a dozen huge strawberries. Now here is the funny part. They were delivered, I got my packaged, opened it and took some photos to text to my son and say thank you. Just as I send my text with the photo, the doorbell rings and there is a second box! So I called him and he said they made the order and it had his name, so they tried to change it to my name instead of his. His wife told me her receipt only shows one box. So I think they got lucky there, he said the shipping is crazy and would not have wanted to pay shipping twice. But I was really in shock to get the second one at the door. smiley Now I have to hope my daughter hasn't sent any, 2 dozen is already too many.

My mom passed away 2 years ago yesterday...she was only 56, and died from an allergic reaction to an osteoporosis medication...since then, I have a very hard time on that holiday