Arrested Development!

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Arrested Development!

Has anybody been watching the new season of Arrested Development yet?!

How exciting. I will have to check it out!

Yes!!! I tried to pace myself but I am already almost done. smiley It's definitely a little different, since they focus on one character at a time. You miss out on that great ensemble dynamic that they have. Still, it's fun and true to the first seasons, I think. Ron Howard's scenes are some of the best!!

I am a little over half way done, and yeah, it is different how they did that, but I love all the cameos and how the
bring it back to the first three seasons.

I really don't like how they focus on one character each episode. I think that it really took away from it. And my husband and I noticed that Michael's character acts completely different than he used to. I definitely think that the first several episodes were very slow. The last several episodes were much better.